Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Wins Big at 2016 Josie Music Awards

Best Musical Collaboration & World Artist of the Year

Kensington, MD, September 28, 2016 --( Every musician has a very unique journey that they often embark on for a variety of reasons. Maryland singer-songwriter Natalie Jean's journey is no different in that she was exposed to music at a young age, which helped her to get where she is today. As a young girl she used to sing with her father who was a famous Haitian artist by the name of Guy R. Jean. With music instilled at a young age she was able to establish a firm foundation of a signing background. Her love of poetry and dance would help as well. Both of these two talents helps play into what makes Natalie Jean a truly unique performer.

This solid foundation of a musical and entertainment background is a key reason why Natalie has not only previously won many awards, but also has an extremely impressive list of award nominations from a variety of accredited music institutions. Her most recent is that of the Josie Music Awards, which took place September 18th, 2016 in the world famous music city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The event now in it's second year has sold out again, showing that this gala has quickly become a must attend for the independent artist. The awards show featured more than 30 performances along with 60 award presentations. Natalie Jean was honored to perform her song “Mon Ange” along with the house band at the awards show. Natalie had an amazing weekend winning the prestigious honor of the award for “Best Musical Collaboration” along with friend and fellow French song writer Trevor Sewell for their song “Devenir Gris.” Not only did Natalie win the collaboration award, but she also was honored with winning “World Artist of the Year.” These two victories were nothing short of simply amazing and very much a sign of the heart she put into her singing. Notably she was also nominated for “Pop Artist, Pop Song,” “R &B Artist,” “Jazz/Blues Artist,” “World Song,” and “World Artist of the Year.” The Josie Awards really showed that a powerful and beautiful singer like Natalia Jean are definitely an important artist to watch. More information and media requests can be addressed below by the provided contacts.
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