AnalytiX Data Services Announces Launch of Mapping Manager Version 7.1

AnalytiX Data Services, headquartered in Chantilly, VA, with a Global Development Center in Hyderabad, India and Winner of CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Productivity Tools Solution Providers 2015, announced the release of its new version for its innovative award-winning Mapping Manager Solution.

Chantilly, VA, September 29, 2016 --( AnalytiX DS, a global leader in Enterprise Data Mapping, Governance & Automation solutions, today announced the release of their award winning Mapping Manager Version 7.1, a powerful platform designed for project teams and stakeholders to take control of enterprise data mapping and lifecycle management process. Mapping Manager is the major component of the AnalytiX DS Unified Platform, an all-in-one platform designed to govern the enterprise data mapping life-cycle process and a code automation platform designed to automate manual processes and truly accelerate the delivery of integration projects.

"Today, we released Mapping Manager 7.1 version, bringing some great new additions, stunning improvements and plenty of functionally rich features. The major addition to the Mapping Manager is the introduction of a New Requirements Manager module, with other added new functionalities make the mapping process faster and more manageable," said Michael Boggs, CTO and Founder of AnalytiX DS.

"The Requirements Manager module allows business users document all requirements and functional specifications and link them to the Source-To-Target Mappings and Test cases and generate enterprise wide traceability," Michael Boggs continues.

With the release of Mapping Manager version 7.1, several new features were added not available in the previous version. The new features including but not limited to Enterprise & Project Level Mapping Grid Profiles & Customization, Graphical Creation of Source to Target Mappings, Delete Tables from Metadata Repository, Addition of 40 User Defined Fields to the Mapping Grid, Version Mapping during Excel Import process and Ability to export Reports to HTML file format make the tool exponentially more powerful and valuable. All these new additions make Mapping Manager 7.1 version significantly more powerful, versatile and faster than its predecessor.

AnalytiX DS, Vice President - Strategic Accounts, Sam Benedict said "It's understood that most organizations are leveraging advanced data integration tools to make sense out of data, but the legacy integration systems used in the process are preventing businesses from making meaningful use of enterprise data." AnalytiX DS automated tool Mapping Manager accelerates delivery by automating the manual "pre- ETL" Source to Target Mapping (STM) processes of data integration projects.

Michael Boggs, the founder and CTO of AnalytiX DS said, "Our goal with the introduction of New Requirements Manager module was to make sure that our solutions align with the customer's expectations. The addition of the new module to Mapping Manager and dozens of exciting features extends the unified platform for enterprise data mapping, governance and automation allowing organizations to govern metadata, enterprise data mappings and accelerate manual processes."

Here is what’s new in Mapping Manager 7.1 Version
· Enterprise & Project Level Mapping Grid Profiles & Customization
· Graphical Creation of Source to Target Mappings
· Delete Tables from Metadata Repository
· Addition of 40 User Defined Fields to the Mapping Grid
· Version Mapping during Excel Import process
· Ability to export Reports to HTML file format
· Preserving renamed User Defined Field Header Names during Excel Export of a Mapping
· Simple Query builder to generate reports out of the Mapping Manager repository
· Global Search Feature –Exact Keyword Search
· Ability to export Reports to HTML file format
· Data Quality Assessment Manager Module enhancements
· Monitoring Rule capability –assign monitoring rules at the value level
· Team Review capability –review assigned monitoring rules and collaborate through a workflow process to collectively perform a comprehensive data quality assessment
· Publish Data Quality Assessment Scores
· Quality Assessment Reports
· CATfX Module Enhancements
· Multi Option Dialogs to define internal CAT workflow
· Workflow capability to define sequential execution of CATs
· Workflow Designer for easy drag drop to create flows
· Ability to define custom scripts to manage the CAT Workflow
· Ability to Export Codesets attached to a source to target mapping row as part of the excel export process
· Ability to assign Codesets to Columns/Attributes as valid values
· Two way Integration with HP-ALM using REST APIs providing cross platform integration
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