Tanis Launches Debut Album, "Blackout" Boldly Exploring Alternative Themes of Love, Melancholy and Identity

"Blackout" EP features some of the past hits of Tanis along with brand new compositions, making it the definitive buy for all her fans.

New York, NY, October 01, 2016 --(PR.com)-- In an age full of change and turmoil, hope still burns with a quiet radiance. This is the promise of Tanis’s debut album, "Blackout," released on September 30. The alternative pop singer, known for carving a distinct style of music derived from her multi-cultural upbringing, presents six tracks that glow with the promise of tomorrow, hope for underprivileged children, and explore love, identity and the unexpressed.

"Blackout" EP, released under PBC Music, Your Label and Warner Music, features some of the past hits of Tanis along with brand new compositions, making it the definitive buy for all her fans. The title track, "Blackout," is in French and English, and deals with melancholy and love. Other tracks include her debut French single, "Ce n’est pas moi," the environmental anthem, "Losing my mind," "Child in the Empty Forest," and "Drive." All tracks have been written, composed, performed and produced by Tanis.

Tanis’s music is bold and she is not afraid to take alternative routes to explore subjects that are important to the world today. She uses global cultural instruments such as Caribbean drums and Chinese Erhu, and blends electronic sounds with acoustic piano to reveal her deep association with music and its language. In her own words, she can "see" music and "hear" images. The result is “the language that I love the most, deeply rooted in my mind, with a syntax that is both constantly fresh and universally accessible,” says Tanis.

"Blackout" is not merely music for the sake of music. Behind it lies a long history of using art for uplifting the lot of children through help and healing. At a young age, Tanis was exposed to the suffering of underprivileged children, and used photography to raise funds for charities. Her photography book, "Shui" was published when she was just 14, and showed the power of art and conviction in support of a cause. This journey continues unabated, and every initiative by Tanis tells the world to accept responsibility and forms the underlying theme of her art.

Born in Paris, Tanis was educated in different parts of the world, traveling to France, Bahamas, Switzerland, China, UK and the US. She speaks French, Italian, English and Chinese, and plays drums, piano, guitar and the cello. Tanis composed the theme music for the Disney Asia movie, ‘Trail of the Panda’ (2009) at a young age of 15, and went on to complete college studies in both music composition and film scoring to become a passionate film scoring composer, writer, musician, producer and singer in both English and French.

The inspiration behind "Blackout" comes from her past experiences and the connection that she feels music has with everything she does and sees around. It’s the language of emotions that she loves the most, giving a plethora of meanings and expressions that go deeper than words and their fixed meanings. The debut album is also her way of showing that hope can survive the assaults of time and age, and we must follow the way of light and do our bit to create a responsible world.

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Tanis Chalopin
The Netherlands