Keystone Financial Solutions Announcement: IRS Updates Rules Regarding Appeals Conferences

IRS makes changes to Appeals Office. IRS will no longer automatically allow a taxpayer a face-to-face Appeals conference but now will default to telephone conferences.

Exton, PA, October 06, 2016 --( Frank Haarlander, an Exton CPA, who specializes in resolving IRS tax problems, says that the IRS has revised its Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) regarding Appeals Conferences and those changes may negatively impact taxpayers.

The IRM was revised to reflect that most conferences in Appeals will be conducted by telephone effective Oct. 1, 2016. The revised IRM also provides guidance as to when in-person conferences are appropriate. The exceptions to receive an in-person Appeals hearing are limited. In the past, if an in-person conference must requested by the taxpayer, it was usually granted.

The Appeals Office plays a vital role in resolving disputes with a taxpayer. It is an independent unit within the IRS whose mission is to help taxpayers and the IRS resolve tax disputes. It reviews each case and works to resolve the disagreements in a fair and impartial basis for both the taxpayer and the IRS.

The new IRM language also states that Appeals has the discretion to invite IRS Counsel and/or Compliance to the conference. Mr. Haarlander stated, “I believe these changes are not good news for the taxpayer. Personal experience has shown that in-person meetings with Appeals are more effective as they provide a means to build a relationship with the Appeals Officer. Speaking with Appeals by telephone will de-humanize the process. These IRM changes also make it riskier for a taxpayer to represent himself before the IRS. Now the taxpayer may have to argue his case before not only the Appeals Officer, but with IRS Tax Counsel and Examination present. That will be quite intimidating for the average taxpayer.”

Frank Haarlander is a CPA who has an MBA and a Masters in Tax degree. He is a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, PA Institute of CPAs, PA Society of Tax Professionals & Accountants, and the National Society of Accountants. His firm, Keystone Financial Solutions, P.C., specializes in solving IRS tax debt problems for individuals and business owners. The company’s telephone number is (610) 594-2601 and its website is
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