K12USA.com “Future-Proofs” Its SecureSchool Internet Filter

In a move rarely seen in the industry, K12USA.com offers free, ongoing hardware and software updates and upgrades for one of its most popular products . . . keeping SecureSchool perennially up to date.

Island Heights, NJ, October 07, 2016 --(PR.com)-- K12USA.com, a leading technology company specializing in K–12 schools, has “future-proofed” SecureSchool, its multitasking “Swiss army knife” Internet filter, cache server, and firewall.

By providing SecureSchool customers with free hardware and software upgrades as needed, the device never becomes obsolete. For example, if a school’s Internet-filtering needs grow beyond the capabilities of its SecureSchool box, K12USA will swap out the old appliance for a more robust version.

It’s not unusual for a K12USA tech-team member to proactively alert customers when their SecureSchool is reaching capacity and ship out a new device.

The service is available to all SecureSchool customers.

“Our ‘future-proof’ policy bucks industry norms, in which vendors typically charge handsomely for product upgrades or require customers to purchase expensive maintenance plans,” says K12USA founder and CEO, James Punderson. “It helps customers better plan for and adhere to their budgets, which in K–12 schools, are increasingly tight.”

With its customer-centric focus, K12USA strives for client satisfaction in several other industry-atypical ways:

• Humans answer phone calls; customers are never led through phone trees or forced to wait long on hold

• All products and services come with free updates and upgrades for the lifetime of the subscription

• Pricing is transparent, and all fees can be accessed instantly via K12USA’s rate calculator on www.K12USA.com

• Ground shipping is free both ways in the continental U.S.

• Every product or service is available for a free trial, so customers can “test drive” before subscribing

For more information, visit www.K12USA.com, call 877-225-0100, or email support@K12USA.com.

About K12USA.com: Founded in 1999 by former teacher and school IT consultant James Punderson IV, K12USA.com develops streamlined, intuitive tech tools for K–12 schools throughout the U.S. Their product line features about 20 appliance- and cloud-based devices, including SecureSchool content filter; WirelessTrakker wireless-network-management system; and TroubleTrakkerPRO, an online IT helpdesk. Every subscription comes with free and unlimited tech support, free updates and upgrades, and free two-way ground shipping (in the continental U.S.). All products and services are available for a free 30-day trial.
Lisa McComsey