"Power of Relics" is a New Update to Warspear Online

AIGRIND released a major update for a cross-platform MMORPG Warspear Online.

Kaliningrad, Russia, October 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Update 6.1 "Power of Relics" brought completely new in-game items that allow users to not only improve, but also to change the role of a character in battle. Moreover, the work of many existing skills was reconsidered and new skills for high-level characters were introduced; entertaining dynamic events were added as well. The update is already available in App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and for PC.

Update 6.1 "Power of Relics" has become the final stage of a long cooperation process between developers and the game community. All players' ideas and suggestions concerning possible changes were gathered from the official forum and social media and thoroughly considered. Taking into account this data and certain peculiarities of game mechanics, developers changed the existing skills and introduced the new ones. But the main feature of this update is relics, new items helping to improve your skills and/or to assign a completely new role in battle to your character. Relics add various effects to basic skills, which allows to create more than 800 unique combinations opening new possibilities both in PvE and PvP. To test these changes, players may participate in special dynamic events. This is a new game mode in which one Alliance has to defeat numerous hostile mobs and members of the other Alliance should prevent it and stop the Chaos Invasion themselves. Winners get precious rewards including rare items and relics. To learn more about this update, visit official Warspear Online web-site: http://warspear-online.com
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