New Novel by Angus Hodgson Features Action-Packed Tale of Courage Under Fire

Dog Ear Publishing has released a new book featuring a tough former law enforcement officer faced with the challenge of a lifetime.

Natalia, TX, October 12, 2016 --( Dog Ear Publishing’s new novel from author Angus Hodgson tells the story of Iain McKenzie, a man who took his lottery windfall to create his own Utopia in the form of a sprawling ranch in Texas. Iain’s wealth allows him to build not just the ranch itself but also a crack security and intelligence team that will all too soon become indispensable when the world as they know it falls apart at the seams.

The first sign something is wrong is the lack of cell service, but soon they’ve lost all contact with the outside world—electricity, Internet, phone and satellite are completely gone. A solar storm put the world back in the Dark Ages, and chaos reigned outside of the confines of Iain’s ranch.

After two months, the federal government finally spoke; much to Iain’s horror, martial law was declared, criticism of the government was outlawed, and private ownership of firearms was prohibited. It’s up to Iain and the other residents of their ranch to protect themselves, their families, and their freedom in the face of outside forces trying to force them into work and reeducation “camps.” With the military and the government in turmoil, can Ian lead his people to safety? Will they survive the madness, and will America recover?

“By Strength and By Guile” is a riveting story of one man’s response to a nightmare scenario. Iain McKenzie isn’t perfect, but he’s perfect for the job at hand.

Author Angus Hodgson drew upon his own experience as a police officer and anti-terrorist consultant to create Iain McKenzie. Now semi-retired, Hodgson lives on a ranch in south Texas, where he enjoys working on antique firearms, high-performance driving, and wine and whisky tasting. This is his first novel.

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By Strength and By Guile
Angus MacM. Hodgson
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4918-2 386 pages $16.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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