"xFlow Folders" - WMD to Present New Folder Solutions for SAP

With “xFlow Folders,” users can generate folders for specified transactions both dynamically and statically

Ahrensburg, Germany, October 13, 2016 --(PR.com)-- WMD “xFlow Folders” is a new set of solutions for SAP users to generate folders for specific transactions either dynamically or statically. Though it basically serves all SAP users, the application also offers special features for specific target groups. The functionality and user-friendliness provided by xFlow Folders extends far beyond the features offered in the SAP product NetWeaver Folders Management. WMD uses the SAP UI5 Framework for its folder solution.

When creating folders, documents are displayed and archived structurally with SAP ArchiveLink as a content provider. Based on the information saved in the SAP ERP system, a “cloak” can then be created to enclose defined transactions. Technically speaking, all information is collected from the various sections of the main system and bundled for display. The specialized folder-managment solution xFlow Folders enables all information for a specific business unit to be viewed on a general level so that agents can form accurate conclusions. However, process-related information is no longer limited to the smaller circle of employees that use a specialized departmental application.

Office applications and web-scan services can be connected to the folder solutions.

This allows files and information to be transferred from an application such as Outlook, Word or Excel straight into a folder. A user can attach digital comments to a folder and define reading access by person. Comments can be filtered to find a specific piece of information and to archive it if necessary. With the intuitive operation and clear arrangement of the documents in folder form, both a user in a specific department and the company CEO can locate information quickly and easily.

The xFlow Personnel File is a specialized feature of the new folder solution. This digital personnel folder in SAP allows personnel agents and authorized managers to access aggregated information on an employee in an interface within SAP. Across-the-board management of contracts is provided by yet another WMD folder solution. This solution allows a user to manage deadlines, save contractual documents with versioning, and create documents based on templates, always with a clear overview of the documents and the transactions involved. The procurement, vendor and customer folders are dedicated solutions serving the needs of purchasing agents, key account managers, sales representatives and account managers.
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