Out of This World" Fully Fledged Motion Picture Studios Have Landed

Cosmic Interplanetary Studios (TM) & Interplanetary Studios (TM) are of the firm belief that Extraterrestrials exist and as such, has begun to make movies within the sci-fi genre that show Humans co-existing in peace with Extraterrestrials.

Dexter, NM, October 13, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Two "out of this world" fully fledged Motion Picture Studios have landed in Hollywood, California, and in Dexter, which is 9-miles southeast of Roswell, New Mexico. Both studios, Cosmic Interplanetary Studios TM and its subsidiary Interplanetary Studios TM are embarking on the most unique but soon to be the trend of the motion picture industry. They believe in moving forward with the belief that other life forms exist in our galaxy. Through their Non-Violent sci-fi movies, their unique script writing method, movie productions, music, comic books publishing and many other services, both Studios are intent on promoting the ideology, that all Life Forms in this universe do exist and that we all should strive towards interracial peaceful unity, both on Planet Earth and throughout our vast Universe.

Through Cosmic Interplanetary Studios TM and its subsidiary Interplanetary Studios TM they aim to serve their sister motion picture, music, and publishing industries in providing movie scripts, music, and editorials that promote interracial unity, and Extraterrestrial-Human Hybrid tolerance. The companies not only utilize their own services, but they also make their services available to others.

CEO, Jack Warner of the Hollywood Division, and CEO, Becky Escamilla of the New Mexico Division, who share the same work ethics, both support the dream of future interplanetary travel and habitation by mankind on other planets. They too dream to one day open their motion picture studios on other planets, as mankind begins to pave the way to peaceful co-existence among all the inhabitants of the Universe.
Cosmic Interplanetary Studios (TM)
Becky Escamilla
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