Employees with Shift Work Schedules: Core Practice Partners Releases Top Five Employee Issues Related to Shift Work Environments

New York, NY, January 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Core Practice Partners, located in Chicago Illinois, has just released the top 5 employee issues relating to environments with shift work schedules. This study was based on extensive research including responses from over 100,000 shift workers in the United States. Considering 81% of the employees told Core Practice Partners they had good pay and benefits, management teams were surprised it wasn’t about the money. 79% of employees felt working conditions were good.

1. 64% of employees feel their schedules aren’t predictable.
2. 61% of employees feel the management team doesn’t care about the shift workers.
3. 58% said they were working more overtime than they wanted.
4. 57% got most of their information through the “grapevine.”
5. 52% felt they were not made to feel part of the organization

Senior Partner John Frehse made it clear that “There is no such thing as the average shift worker, but the trends are pointing to the need for major changes. Managers can take a deep breath knowing that, for the most part, it isn’t about the money. It is, however, about respect for the lifestyle of the shift worker. They have lives too and according to our survey results, management teams aren’t getting it.”

Core Practice Partners recent announcement comes following recent news of other troubling health concerns for shift workers - cancer. The partners at this consulting firm aren’t taking any chances. According to Senior Partner Ethan Franklin, “We need to look at more of a holistic solution for America’s workers. Driving change one dimensionally, thinking of cost savings only will not have lasting success. We need to treat the entire labor crisis in our country, including the people that actually do the work!”

The consultants at Core Practice Partners believe that making this study public will wake management teams up to the realities of the modern shift worker.

Core Practice Partners LLC
John Frehse