LookingGlass Platform and Kryptos Mobile Take a "Definitive Leap Forward" Through Merger

Merger positions Company to become industry leader of mobile-first enterprise applications for higher education

Cleveland, OH, October 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- LookingGlass Platform and Kryptos Mobile announced today the merger of both organizations. The merger builds on existing synergies between LookingGlass and Kryptos and facilitates the upcoming release of an enhanced, unified platform that supports a mobile-first "build/deploy once, consume everywhere" strategy.

The enhanced LookingGlass Kryptos platform will allow for applications such as grades, attendance, campus safety and targeted messaging to be simultaneously responsive for the web, mobile-web as well as the native app experience.

The company will have a new name and will be announcing its restructuring plan. Till then, it will be called LookingGlass+Kryptos.

In the interim period, LookingGlass Platform's Founder & Chairman, Anjli Jain, will serve as the acting CEO while Jasreen Kaur, COO of Kryptos Mobile, will serve as the acting COO of LookingGlass+Kryptos.

Anjli Jain, Acting CEO, LookingGlass+Kryptos:

"The merger is a game changer. In the last year, we have seen clients of both LookingGlass and Kryptos struggle to provide a seamless, integrated and personalized experience of their services to their customers across the different and disparate services, applications and devices that are supported on today's campus. It has also become increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for the administration to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing, recruitment, retention and advancement efforts. The purpose of the merger is to empower institutions with a platform through which they can centrally build and launch enterprise services that cater to the needs of their customers, retain their customers' interests to the institution and position the administration to track whether a customer is engaged or not."

Jasreen Kaur,Acting COO, LookingGlass+Kryptos:

"I look forward to working closely with the LookingGlass team to create an even stronger brand. We have top talent in both the companies. This merger will provide them with the opportunity to work on a new mix of innovation. Exposure to new leaders and teams would translate into delivering outstanding products to our clients."

Some immediate benefits of the merger

**LookingGlass Portal clients on LookingGlass Portal versions 7.3.6 and higher have access to a repository of applications from the Kryptos Mobile App Store that they can deploy onto their existing LookingGlass Portal web and mobile-friendly sites.

**Kryptos Mobile clients who have purchased the Kryptos AppMaker license will soon see that apps built via the app AppMaker can be launched in both a web and mobile app framework out-of-the-box.

JJ Widener, Director of IT, Seward County Community College:

"The increased mobility that is demanded by students is only increasing, and currently most educational institutions are lagging behind. Merging the LookingGlass Portal and Kryptos Mobile together, to me, is the next logical step in the competitive mobile educational marketplace. All of our students are going to want to access the same information that is accessible in the portal, on their mobile devices. Studies have even shown, that the younger generation would rather access information on a mobile app versus a mobile-friendly webpage. This would provide the best of both worlds with LookingGlass and Kryptos working side-by-side, to provide a more strategic platform that will increase student outcomes by providing them the information they need, when they need it."

Luis E. González, Associate Vice President of IT, Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez:

"I receive this news with great joy. The merger reaffirms the value of our partnership with LookingGlass and Kryptos. Our students prefer to experience our web and mobile applications as one, seamless service. These days, technology is moving in the direction that every web application be able to be access and be the same no matter your using a laptop, desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. Once again LookingGlass and Kryptos demonstrate with this merger their commitment of providing the best technology and services to our higher education market, plus making sure that they keep in the forefront of the use of the technology available."

About LookingGlass+Kryptos
LookingGlass+Kryptos is the leading Platform-as-a-Service provider of mobile-first, enterprise applications for higher education including Portal, Single Sign-On, Content Management, Recruitment Management, Messaging, Self-Service Application Development and web an mobile Applets. For more information, please visit www.lookingglassplatform.com and www.kryptosmobile.com.
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