Reveals Experience Advertising, Inc. as the Top Affiliate Marketing Firm for the Month of January 2017

Naples, FL, January 23, 2017 --( The independent authority on online marketing providers,, has named Experience Advertising, Inc. the best affiliate marketing service for January 2017. Experience Advertising was selected due to their remarkable performance in the thorough evaluation process. Thousands of services are considered while only the 30 best are featured in the rankings.

These affiliate marketing companies are investigated to identify which are the top rated overall firms. This is accomplished using a set of examination criteria consisting of five criteria of evaluation used to benchmark and compare affiliate marketing firms based on the most important aspects. The five criteria of examination used during this process include: strategy implementation, program optimization, network monitoring, network management, and reporting.

To supplement the research the independent research team also connects with client references provided by the competing companies. When communicating with customers the research team delves into the client's overall level of satisfaction with their clients. Insight from clients is used to better understand the strengths and competitive advantages of the companies being evaluated.

Experience Advertising, Inc. has been awarded the rank of best affiliate marketing agency in the monthly rankings at due to their exceptional client satisfaction, their comparative performance over previous months, and their dedication towards excellence. It is due to this information that suggests customers of Internet marketing services consider Experience Advertising as their affiliate marketing agency of choice.

About Experience Advertising, Inc.

Experience Advertising offers a prominent affiliate marketing solution for those looking for proactive approaches. With dedicated, experienced affiliate managers, copywriting, content creation tools, and other various tools to assist their affiliates and advertisers, Experience Advertising provides many resources to help their clients achieve their goals through their affiliate management services. Their services are aimed at businesses in both the roles of affiliates and publishers and offer various online marketing solutions to help maximize their potential online. Experience Advertising, Inc. was founded by Evan Weber, a 20 year veteran of the digital marketing industry. Evan is a regular speaker at the Affiliate Summit conferences, and is in fact one of the most popular speakers at the Affiliate Summit having won “most popular speaking session” the last 2 years consecutively. Evan stated, “We are honored to be recognized as the top affiliate marketing agency. We put a tremendous amount of effort into running our clients’ affiliate programs as well as possible, focusing on both recruiting new, targeted affiliates and websites, as well as increasing overall production with our affiliates via a proactive, purposeful messaging strategy. By growing the overall number of affiliates in each client’s program, running company promotions through their affiliates, and building the relationship with each and every affiliate, we are able to create large, productive affiliate programs for our clients, which grow exponentially on an annual basis, and deliver truly incremental revenue.”

About is an online provider of independent reviews and ratings. The rankings of the best online marketing firms are released monthly to assist businesses in connecting with affiliate marketing firms which feature a history of providing effective solutions for merchants and advertisers. Thousands of online marketing firms are put to the test while only the absolute best firms are highlighted in the rankings.

About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, also known as performance based marketing, is a digital marketing strategy whereby 3rd party websites, blogs, or other types of Internet-based entities, place advertisements for specific companies they have partnered with on their websites, in blog posts, or in emails to their databases. When one of their referred visitors or members clicks on the affiliate’s posted advertisement or hyperlink and purchases from the partnered with company’s website, the referrer is credited a commission for each sale they refer. Affiliate Marketing has been around almost as long as the Internet itself. Companies have been using this type of referral marketing to generate sales from their marketing partners or “affiliates” since the 1990’s. A company’s affiliate program should grow over time by bringing on more and more affiliates (also known as “publishers”). These affiliates typically act as a company’s sales force on the web. It is a form of web-based referral marketing that is utilized by thousands of companies as part of their overall digital marketing strategy.

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