Tech Veteran Hans Hwang Releases Book to Help Leaders Navigate Digital Disruption

During the first Industrial Revolution, a confluence of technologies dramatically changed how the world worked and lived. We are now on the precipice of another revolution: a Digital one. Like it's predecessor, this revolution will impact every person, every organization, every government in ways we are only starting to understand. In his first book, Hans Hwang shares his vast experience working with global leaders, to provide a how-to guide on navigating the Digital Revolution.

Watchung, NJ, October 24, 2016 --( Long-time technology executive Hans Hwang is proud to announce the release of his first book, "The Digital Handbook," available today on Mr. Hwang is a veteran of Cisco and Accenture, and graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

As the book publishing and retail industry have experienced, all industries are now being disrupted by the impacts of Digitization. Digitization is no longer just about shifting content and commerce online. Now it is being fueled by concurrent mega-trends in social, mobile, augmented video, sensors, robotics, and data analytics.

This book shares over twenty-five years of practical experience in surviving technology transitions. Readers will learn what "Digital" means to their organization and their job, and how to best prepare for changes that many believe will rival the first Industrial Revolution.

The origin of this book comes from Hans' work with private and public-sector leaders around the world. As he consulted with them on digital strategy, it became clear that while they understood the break-through possibilities, they were trapped by their current processes, culture, and mindsets. This is a similar challenge to that faced by carriage owners in the 19th century, who largely could not see how engines would soon displace horses.

"The Digital Handbook" provides a practical guide for navigating the Digital Revolution. Using real-life case studies and proven best practices, the author lays our a framework that organizations can use to plot their own journeys. IT professionals will be especially interested in the chapter on how they can take the lead on digital transformation. People leaders will receive insights on building a sustainable digital culture - while avoiding the "Digital Seven Deadly Sins" that wreak havoc with organizational effectiveness.

The Digital Revolution will fundamentally alter our current thinking on how to compete and win in the marketplace. Leaders who can quickly adapt to the new playing rules will prosper; those who stick to outdated mantras may become less relevant.

In conjunction with the book's release the author is encouraging ongoing learning and interaction via the website
Hans Hwang