Web Active Directory LLC Releases PeoplePassword 5.1

Web Active Directory, LLC releases a new product version of PeoplePassword eliminating the need for enrollment for a segment of our customers.

Dallas, TX, October 26, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Web Active Directory's PeoplePassword solution empowers your organization's users to take control of Windows password management. The solution allows users to recover their Windows passwords and unlock their Windows accounts without calling the help desk, freeing IT staff to accomplish other activities. The solution makes use of configurable multi-factor authentication for both end users and your help desk.

In PeoplePassword administrators can make users answer challenge questions as part of how they are authenticated. New in the v5.1 release they can get this data from virtually any user attribute in Active Directory in real-time during the password recovery process. Robert Baptist, CTO stated that “there was a segment of our customer base who wanted the peace of mind to have users answer questions that only they would know about as a factor in identifying them, but didn’t want them to use other parts of our solution that put them through an enrollment process or import the data from somewhere else. We have those other options, but we wanted to add one more important choice. Administrators making use of this functionality can enjoy the peace of mind of security without enforcing enrollment.”

Keith Nordin, CEO stated: “Our company continues to be the leader in the Identity Management Active Directory solution space. This release goes along with our simple vision of providing the best solution, at the best value with the best service in the business. The impetus for the new features in PeoplePassword 5.1 came from the most important voices with regard to our direction, our customers and prospects. Without them, we wouldn’t exist.”

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