New Tennis Website Takes a Unique Approach to Finding Tennis Rackets

Santa Rosa, CA, October 28, 2016 --(, a new tennis website, has developed a proprietary algorithm that provides a player with a perfect tennis racket.

The usual process of finding a right racket is very tiresome for any tennis player, as there are several deciding factors to consider before buying an ideal racket which is neglected by many. To make this complicated procedure much easier has simplified the process by which a tennis player can easily find a racket. The proprietary algorithm available at the website helps a tennis player to find the most suitable racket according to their playing style easily.

This website is created by two tennis enthusiasts, Mike Volkin, an entrepreneur and Thomas Jensen, a tech specialist. Mike realized that it is quite difficult to find a tennis racket online that would best suit his playing style. After searching over several websites, he couldn't come across any, which suggested a perfect tennis racket that matches his preferences and needs. He then discussed this problem with Thomas and both of them understood the need of developing an algorithm. After working for several months together, Thomas and Mike developed an accurate algorithm that analyzes thousands of data points that help a player find the perfect racket.

The algorithm is free of cost, it is also very easy to use and understand; a player has to visit the website, and answer the questionnaire. These questions are very specific and enquire about the weight, playing level, physical condition, and other important details. Once the survey is completed, a list of tennis rackets is provided that accurately matches the playing style of a player.

With so many tennis rackets available in the market choosing the best is a time-consuming task. But with the aid of this breakthrough algorithm on selecting a suitable tennis racket has become much easier and simplified.

About the Company: was created by two passionate tennis players - Mike Volkin, who is also an entrepreneur and marketer and Thomas Jensen, a tech specialist by profession. This website offers a quick and easy way for players to find the most suitable racket that works best with their style of play. The service works through a proprietary algorithm that asks a few questions to players, collects various specific data points and analyzes them to suggest the most suitable racket for their game.
Mike Volkin