Anti-Terrorism Firm ESS Risk Mitigation Now Training Workforces

The Boston-area firm can help companies train its employees in security detection and preparedness, and reduce the costs of outside security personnel contracts as a result.

Boston, MA, October 27, 2016 --( ESS Risk Mitigation, an anti-terrorism training and education firm in Boston, MA, is adding a service to its lineup of capabilities aimed at helping organizations bring security training in-house. With its new service, companies will be able to train its employees for security detection and preparedness with the help of ESS Risk Mitigation.

The firm, owned and operated by U.S. veterans Lyle Armstrong and Dan James, helps companies protect the general public against terroristic and explosive threats such as suspicious persons, packages or vehicles.

Many companies or organizations, such as corporate companies and universities, rely on contracts with security firms to secure their buildings and workspaces. With ESS Risk Mitigation’s new offering, companies will be able to replace or complement these contracts by having employees better prepared for security detection.

“One of the disadvantages to hiring security is there’s no financial return on investment,” said Armstrong, CEO and Managing Partner of ESS Risk Mitigation. “The security budget is purely overhead.

“We’ve added this new capability to allow companies to save money by giving employees the necessary resources and skills to serve as security personnel. Instead of dedicating part of a budget to large outside security contracts, companies are leveraging their own workforces. They become sensors for the company.”

Armstrong and James stress that a company doesn’t have to expect to train all employees but only select individuals who are in roles that require a lot of public interaction. These may include facilities personnel, janitorial and receptionist roles.

The workforce security training includes how to react to and report bomb or security threats and suspicious behavior. Employees also will be trained to detect improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

“We’re excited to provide this service to our clients,” Armstrong says.
“It gives them the chance to equip their employees with important, potentially life-saving skills, all while cutting security costs by up to 50% as compared to outside contracts.”

Armstrong started his career in 1996 as an explosive ordnance disposal technician for the United States Air Force. He was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries during his 20+ years in the military.

Since then, he has been a classroom instructor with the Department of Homeland Security and has performed improvised explosive device training for numerous local, state and federal entities.

James’ military career began in 1990. He spent his last three years as a lead instructor and non-commissioned officer in charge of the Advanced Improvised Explosive Devices School at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

Combined, Armstrong and James have rendered safe nearly 1,000 improvised explosive devices and have safely disposed of more than one million pounds of military grade, commercial, and improvised explosives. They are both recipients of Bronze Star Medals.

About ESS Risk Mitigation

ESS Risk Mitigation, located in Tyngsboro, MA, near Boston, is a risk assessment firm for both federal and non-federal organizations. The firm is owned and operated by U.S. veterans Lyle Armstrong and Dan James, who have more than 40 years of experience in the military as explosive ordnance disposal technicians. ESS Risk Mitigation trains companies to protect the general public by preparing them to identify and prepare for explosive and terroristic threats. Visit for more information.
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