Cookie Run: OvenBreak Launched Globally for iOS and Android on October 27, 2016

Los Angeles, CA, October 29, 2016 --( Devsisters just released a new mobile endless runner game, “Cookie Run: OvenBreak.” And it’s about to change the entire definition of the running game genre.

“Cookie Run: OvenBreak” is a fusion of simple and casual Slide & Jump controls with a sweet, sweet twist. Players collect many cute Cookie characters and their companion Pets, who try to escape from their maker, the Witch.

The game starts with the player helping GingerBrave, the brave little gingerbread man, escape the Witch’s oven. But that is only the start of a journey through the mysterious Lands of the Cookie World, during which many more Cookie and Pet friends join the team.

In order to reach higher Lands, players must earn Trophies, which are earned by competing in real-time Trophy Races against players from all over the world. And that’s not all - players can even challenge their friends to epic 1 vs 1 Races.

Although the game can be downloaded for free, it also comes with in-app purchases that can help speed things up. The game appeals to players of all age with its colorful and vibrant graphics.

- Jump and Slide to eat Jellies and avoid obstacles
- Earn chests to unlock and collect over 60 deliciously baked Cookies & Pets
- Compete with players from around the world and beat their high score
- Challenge friends to an epic 1vs1 Race
- Collect Trophies to discover lands full of surprises and adventure
- Help and get help from friends for even more fun!

Cookie Run: OvenBreak was launched worldwide on October 27, 2016, and is currently available on iOS and Google Play.


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Natalie Kim