Fort Walton Beach HVAC Provider Brings Geothermal Energy to the Destin Area

As the global overuse of energy takes its toll on our ecosystems and our economy, one local Fort Walton Beach, Florida HVAC company makes way for the natural insulation of the Earth in a big way.

Fort Walton Beach, FL, October 30, 2016 --( Geothermal technology is any energy or heat transfer that can be provided by and from the natural and internal heat of our planet. Because of Earth’s fiery core, it has a propensity to generate natural heat and one HVAC company is changing their industry and the lives of locals by harnessing that energy.

Air Conditioning Engineers, a small HVAC company seated in Fort Walton Beach services an area in and surrounding Destin where homeowners need air conditioning almost year-round and just a little bit of heat, on the chilly nights. Realizing that most high-powered heating and cooling systems were using a great deal of energy, the team at AC Engineers decided to provide an option that could scale back. Now, in addition to traditional heating and cooling systems, the Air Conditioning Engineers provide Geothermal solutions to customers in the area. This solution can replace existing systems or function as an add-on.

Geothermal technology relies on naturally occurring heat from the Earth, so fossil fuels are no longer needed and the energy and warmth used to heat residents’ homes – or cool them! - is renewable energy which makes no negative impact on our depleted resources. Consumers cite that overall energy costs for their homes have gone down since switching to the Geothermal heat pump technology.

AC Engineers, founded in 1960, is an family-owned HVAC company offering heating, cooling, and air quality services and Carrier products in the Fort Walton Beach – Destin area of Florida.

For more information on geothermal heat technology and the impact of geothermal energy on our planet, visit the AC Engineers website at
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