Mining Winches Were Delivered from Yekaterinburg to Tanzania by ACEX Member - VST Logistic

The Russian equipment for the mining industry arrived in Tanzania.

Ekaterinburg, Russia, November 02, 2016 --( The equipment for the mining industry weighing 3 tons, namely mining winches, intended for delivery of rock massif while underground extraction of mineral deposits for one of the African mineral assets was delivered by VST Logistic, the Alliance member in Yekaterinburg.

Tanzania is the country with rich natural resources. Demonstrated coal resources are equal to 199 million tons. Although, the basic activity of the Tanzanians is agriculture, there are several large coal areas in the Southern part of the country.

It is not surprising that the African companies use the Russian equipment, taking into account a long history of fruitful cooperation between Africa and Russia, as well as the fact that Russia is one of the leaders in the field of coal production. Its interiors contain one third of the world coal resources and fifth part of developed reserves – 193,3 billion tons. Coal mining practice by the underground method is widely used in Russia. Because of its injury risk the mining equipment is subject to intense modernization. The mining winches enable to simplify the process of the rocks lifting from the mines without manual power. This well-tried equipment is exported to different countries engaged in the coal extraction.

VST Logistic specialists rendered delivery services to the produces, while the customs procedures were executed by the client.

“We had to perform multimodal delivery,” comments Vadim Mardanov. “The cargo was dispatched from Yekaterinburg to Moscow by road. Its travel time was equal to 2 days. After that the winches were loaded on the plane and sent by the Airfrance flight to the airport of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.”

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