Sardina FishOS + Alces Flight = Efficient OpenStack Cloud for Flexible HPC

Sardina Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with Alces Software

Tallinn, Estonia, November 02, 2016 --( Sardina Systems has announced today a strategic partnership with Alces Software, to enable efficiently managed OpenStack private cloud for high performance and technical computing customers.

The fusion of Sardina FishOS and Alces Flight gives customers the possibility to take their data center to the next level, easily embrace a highly efficient and flexible cloud operation, by raising server utilization and reducing energy consumption. Customers will be able to flexibly meet stringent demands of high performance and technical computing workload.

FishOS uniquely enables OpenStack cloud operators to actively raise server utilization, dynamically right-matching workload requirements to data center resources, and lower overall data center OpEx and CapEx. OpenStack cloud operators can fully automate data center operations with FishOS, and to scalably do so to manage multitudes of geographically dispersed data centers.

Alces Flight eases operation of cloud computing environments for high performance and technical computing users. It provides users with the ability to spin up auto-scaling high performance computing (HPC) instances in minutes rather than days. With battle-proven software, and over 850 applications available for use, Alces Flight lets you to jump straight to the science instead of spending all your time in configuration.

Using FishOS and Alces Flight, cloud operators can:
- enable rapid innovation
- deliver more flexible services
- have the agility to take advantage of opportunities
- have all so efficiently at much lower cost

Sardina Systems and Alces Software have successfully deliver optimized services and solutions in key sectors including Finance, HPC, Governments, and Aerospace.

“Customers in high performance and technical computing can leverage FishOS and Alces Flight to drive flexible advance design and simulation with a truly scalable cloud suite that packs enterprise-grade feature set and lowers TCO,” said Anna Panchenko, VP of Marketing of Sardina Systems.

“The partnership of FishOS and Alces Flight gives us the capability to quickly deliver solutions that allows a research team to use OpenStack to get into the science. As more sectors are embracing on-premise, self-service cloud and hybrid environments, we want to continually innovate with partners like Sardina to ensure clients stay a step ahead,” said Wil Mayers, Director of Research and Development with Alces Software.

About Sardina Systems:
Sardina Systems ( provides smart, efficient, super-scalable cloud automation technology, enabling organizations to rapidly experience the value of OpenStack cloud and maximizing the utility of their resources. Sardina Systems help customers to manage OpenStack environments easily, flexibly and efficiently, having carbon footprint along the way.
Sardina Systems is headquartered in Estonia, with local presence in the UK, Germany, Romania and Russia.

Connect with Sardina Systems on Twitter (@sardinasystems) and LinkedIn (

About Alces Software:
Alces creates High Performance Computing (HPC) software for scientists, engineers and researchers. Based in the UK, Alces designs, builds and supports environments to help users make efficient use of the compute and storage resources available to them. Our products and services are designed to support both existing users with software that is familiar to them, and help first-time users to discover, learn and develop their HPC skills. Whether your requirements are big or small, our solutions will get you up and running in the minimum possible time.
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