MVB Entertainment Rebrands Itself as an "All Digital" Entertainment Company

The popular New York city talent management and artist development company will become an all digital firm in 2017. In an effort to cut cost and keep its brand relevant, MVB Entertainment, LLC. is preparing to innovate what its been doing since 2005.

New York, NY, November 03, 2016 --( In 2017, MVB Entertainment is planning on introducing the phrase, "Digital-Talent Management" to the world. The longtime entertainment firm has been managing talent (musicians, DJs, personalities, etc.) since 2005, and has had recent success with its past two signed acts, RayBop and Miss LaVega; two up-and-coming Hip Hop musicians.

Now MVB is looking at how it can translate its succesful talent management practices into the digital arena, by innovating the standard 'talent management' business model, and also getting rid of some of the expenses that typically accompanies managing talent.

The owner and CEO of MVB Entertainment, Abdel Russell, says that MVB's previous contractor-heavy business functions will be a thing of the past: "digital-talent management means just-that. We manage the talent's image, media, content, and personality, all online. It's really nothing new, because we've been doing it for over a decade, the difference now is that we're 86'ing the big budgets for all those other non-profitable operations."

Along with "Digital-Talent Management," MVB Entertainment's other two core services will be "Digital Media Publishing" and "Digital Media Distribution." With 2017 just months around the corner, many are waiting to see who MVB will be working with at the top of the new year, and just exactly what their (MVB Entertainment) new business model will look like, in real time.
UPC Magazine
Maricella Hernandez