Growing Popularity of Female Condoms is One of the Driving Factors of Global Condom Market Says Beige Market Intelligence Report

The introduction of female condoms has developed a new market segment with a significant growth scope. For instance, the share of male condom sales constituted 99.6% of the global condom sales in 2015 with the rest contributed by female condoms.

Bangalore, India, November 04, 2016 --( The Global Condom Market which is growing rapidly with the addition and innovation of the new trends in the condom manufacturing and type is not only getting its revenue from the male condom but also the female condom segment is contributing to the market growth. The condom market has been traditionally dominated by the usage of male condoms as they were not only introduced earlier but also on account of the type of innovations that supported their adoption among users. Though the female condom market only caters a small percentage of the overall market but the growing popularity of the female condoms can certainly emerge as a major driving factor for the global condom market.

The development of the first modern female condoms can be traced back to the 1980s. Since the production of the first batch in 1990s, female condoms have slowly gained popularity. The main selling point for female condoms is growing dominance of women in sexual activities.

Female condoms are also the first women-centric contraceptives that provide protection against STDs and STIs and avoid pregnancy. Female condoms are either made of nitrile or polyurethane and fare better than latex as they do not cause allergies. Further, they can be lubricated with oil, water, and silicone, thus offering inherent customization to users. Further, on the account of their build, female condoms are found to potentially enhance the sexual pleasure by stimulating the clitoris. Importantly, female condoms impart a shared responsibility to women in the prevention of STDs and STIs and offer them the control in family planning.

The introduction of female condoms has developed a new market segment with a significant growth scope, says the analyst at Beige Market Intelligence. For instance, the share of male condom sales constituted 99.6% of the global condom sales in 2015 with the rest contributed by female condoms. However, the adoption of female condoms is increasing with the sales volume growing at a CAGR of 10.84% as against 9.11% for male condoms during the period 2015–2021.

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Innovation is expected to one of the major factors in the adoption of female condoms. Vendors are increasingly focusing on launching products that are aesthetically appealing, affordable and pleasurable. Female Health Group, Cupid, HLL, Silk Parasol, and Tianjin Condombao Medical Polyurethane Tech are some of the major companies in the female condom market and their products include Origami Female Condom, Female Panty Condom, Natura Sensation Condoms, and dumbbell shaped Condoms.

VA is a company that is developing a new model of female condoms, which come with a Bluetooth connectivity and a vibrating device, to help women achieve an orgasm.

These technology-enabled products are expected to challenge the frontiers of traditional contraceptives products.

The Global Condom Market is going to witness a dramatic shift in the sales of both male and female condoms. The factors such as growing popularity of female condom, increased effectiveness of family planning mandates and birth control measures, introduction of innovative condom distribution channels to expand reach & comprehensive sex education for teenagers are going to drive the market for next five years.

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