O'LYN Executive Team Attends Owens Corning Leadership Workshop

O'LYN Roofing's executive team attended a leadership workshop sponsored by Owens Corning, a long-time partner of O'LYN.

Norwood, MA, November 05, 2016 --(PR.com)-- O’Lyn Roofing announced today that its executive team participated in the Owens Corning Leadership Workshop this past week. The workshop took place on Tuesday, October 18th and Wednesday October 19th. Owens Corning is a long-time partner of O’Lyn Roofing, and the two companies have worked closely together for many years. The purpose of this workshop was to provide owners and managers with the tools necessary to thrive in their competitive market.

The workshop was facilitated by Rodney Webb, one of the most successful trainers in the home improvement industry. His unique training style and ideology of “skillent,” where you practice and perfect a skill until it becomes a talent, allows for attendees to think of leadership in a different way.

The O’LYN team in attendance included Michael Olen (Owner), Linda Olen (President), Dan Hamilton (Director of Sales & Marketing), and Richard Dow (Chief Financial Officer). During the workshop the team learned helpful techniques and sharpened their leadership skills. When asked what she thought of the workshop, President Linda Olen commented “I love going to these conferences, there is always something new to learn.”

It’s crucial for executive teams to constantly be learning as their organization grows and events such as this one provide exactly that opportunity. “Investing in our executive team is a key part of ensuring future success,” Michael Olen said of why he felt it was important for his team to attend. “Workshops like this are always a great opportunity for us to learn new techniques to make us better leaders in the office and in the field.”

“Effective leaders are critical to successful businesses,” said Dan Hamilton, Director of Sales & Marketing. “So getting a 360 degree look at best practices, techniques and performance metrics both in and out of our industry is great. There were so many good discussions and ideas. I’m glad we went.” With the completion of this workshop, the team has polished their leadership skills and they’re ready to apply them to the daily ins and outs at O’LYN.
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