"101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting" Book Now Available

"101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting" is a light, fun, easy-to read book of songwriting tips for the novice and the professional alike. "Smashing book" -Narada Michael Walden. "If you only read one songwriting book this year, this is the one!" -Alan Roy Scott (writer for Celine Dion, gloria Estefan, Luther Vandross).

Los Angeles, CA, November 07, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Hit songwriter, Diana Williamson, has brought her word wizardry to the page in "101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting," a non-fiction byproduct of Williamson's 14 years as a songwriter and music industry insider in Los Angeles.

Quick and easy to read, "101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting" is cleverly designed and brilliantly constructed as a bare-bones, "get to the point" road map to get results. Unlike many songwriting books, readers will spend more time writing music and less time reading about it. There is one tip per page and the book is packed with information: “How do you turn heartbreak into gold?” “What attracts artists to your songs?” “The key ingredients every hit song has in common.” These tips and many more are packed into “101 Tips and Tricks of Successful Songwriting.”

Williamson, a Toronto native and Top Ten Billboard songwriter, spent half her professional life hob-nobbing with the music industry elite in Los Angeles and it shows. She says that plenty of mistakes were made along the way. Helping young songwriters avoid those mistakes, and helping professionals keep focused on successful habits inspired the book.

Williamson says, "I showed up with nothing but a suitcase and a dream in Los Angeles, and had be quick on my feet. There is nothing like being in the trenches to help you make decisions." While in the "trenches" Williamson joined songwriting organizations, attended conferences, networked, befriended and co-wrote with hit songwriters such as Narada Michael Walden (#1 writer/producer), Barry Coffing (#1 writer), Eddie Galan (Hannah Montana, High School Musical), John Capek (Rod Stewart), and Bruce Sugar (Ringo, Ozzie), etc. She was rewarded with 2 x #3 Billboard Hot Club Chart successes, many other major label cuts, produced a "Temptation," and created two international song contests.

Williamson also owns a music placement company that has placed over 50 songs into movies and TV shows. Williamson's few years as a song screener for one of the world's top song-placement company inspired her independent spirit to create the company, TheMusicLibrary.org, which, like the book, is musician friendly. "After all, I'm a musician first," Williamson says with pride.

The public can contact the author through the site for interviews, consultations and workshops at http://www.101tipsandtricksofsuccessfulsongwriting.com

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Diana Williamson