KISSBOBO Revolutionizes Adhesive Bras with New Release

KISSBOBO is proud to launch a new line of adhesive bras that offers women a whole slew of new options to match every occasion. Offering re-usability, cleavage, and lift, KISSBOBO's latest line of adhesive push up seamless bras with removable straps will revolutionize the market.

Baldwin Park, CA, November 08, 2016 --( Women often wear dresses and tops that reveal their shoulders and back. Traditional bras have straps running through these areas, meaning that women have to use a specialty bra or go bra-less in order to be fashionable while wearing certain kinds of tops. Adhesive silicone bras are a unique solution, offering women a way to shape to their breasts and hide unruly nipples while eschewing straps altogether.

KISSBOBO's newest line of adhesive bras offer a welcome change. KISSBOBO's years of innovation and reputation for producing high quality products have earned it a place at the center of the adhesive bra market. Now, it's releasing a new product that is sure to freshen things up and get the attention of women everywhere.

Unlike traditional adhesive bras, KISSBOBO's latest line comes with innovative detachable straps. These transparent, adjustable add-ons can transform an adhesive bra into something offering lift and cleavage. Women no longer have to choose between buying an invisible bra or one that offers support. KISSBOBO's adhesive bras with removable straps offer both in one purchase. Women can purchase a single bra and wear it both under a backless gown and under a more traditional top. KISSBOBO's removable straps ensure that their bra offers appropriate support for each occasion. Going to a party? Put on a KISSBOBO bra under your gown. Going out after? Slip into the bathroom to put on some straps under your jacket to give a little more lift. By offering multiple modes of use, KISSBOBO's revolutionary line of bras is sure to cause a stir.

Adhesive bras need to have a low profile in order to be worn under certain types of clothes. That's why KISSBOBO adhesive bras with removable straps are perfect for wearing under strapless or backless dresses. The edges of the bra are specially tapered to ensure that they're absolutely invisible under tops, and the natural nude color of the bra helps keep it discreet through sheer clothing. Removable straps expand the use profile of these bras to include less revealing tops and even casual and work clothes. They're a perfect fit with mesh or see-through tops where you can take advantage of the transparent straps.

KISSBOBO's bras offer adjustable cleavage enhancement. A center clasp can be fastened or unfastened, allowing women simple control over their cleavage while allowing movement and flexibility. With the removable straps attached, KISSBOBO's latest line rivals the push-up and lift of an everyday bra -- and it can be worn as one, too. With the straps on, you can wear a KISSBOBO adhesive bra under any outfit -- whether it's a t-shirt, work clothes, or just a sweatshirt for lounging around the house. KISSBOBO's adhesive bras with removable straps offer a sexy cleavage line, regardless of the situation.

There's nothing worse than your bra coming loose halfway through a party. That's why KISSBOBO's adhesive bras are developed with powerful, long lasting adhesive that will stay in place all day long. Even without straps, they'll maintain their stick -- and they can be reused 50 times without losing their adhesive. This gives KISSBOBO's latest line a leg up on the competition. A KISSBOBO bra offers confidence. Not only do these bras feature an invisible profile, with adjustable lift and freedom of movement, but consumers can be confident in their bras staying put for the whole evening and still being usable the next day.

KISSBOBO Women's Adhesive Push Up Seamless Bras with Removable Straps are offered in A to C cups. The straps offered with this product line cover lengths from 10.6 to 21 inches.

KISSBOBO's new line is available now on Amazon alongside its other products.

About KISSBOBO: KISSBOBO was founded in 2005 and is dedicated to providing high quality silicone and specialty bras to give women control and support in every situation. Its innovative, high quality products have earned it a reputation for producing some of the finest bras available on the market. KISSBOBO's modern approach to R&D and professional production ensure that it will be a force on the market for years to come.
Sami Wang