Limited Time Release of Veteran’s Documentary

Independent documentarian goes straight to the subjects to promote new raw, hard-hitting documentary about PTSD and the trials of combat veterans with a one-weekend-only release of "Once A Marine," the film.

Santa Fe, NM, November 09, 2016 --( The documentary that Taylor Hackford, former president of the Directors Guild of America, has called “devastating… a very worth doc.” is opening a limited release for Veteran’s Day Weekend. The film will be screened via a private screener on the film’s website. The video will be available at Midnight, MST on November 11, 2016 until Midnight, MST November 13, 2016.

The director, Stephen Canty, is a first-time filmmaker who served in the Marine Corps infantry during the Battle of Marjah, Afghanistan. After numerous members of his unit were diagnosed with PTSD, some leading to suicides, Canty could sit by passively no longer. He took his camera and what little funds he had and set out to tell the raw, unvarnished truth about combat and its effects on young men- some of whom are so overwhelmed with emotion that they find themselves confessing things they have never had the opportunity to speak of before.

The filmmakers have this to say about the special screening:

“On Veteran's Day Weekend, it is important to remember the sacrifices made by veterans, and the difficulties they face returning to civilian life. That is why we are proud to present a private community screener of the documentary, 'Once A Marine,' for this holiday weekend only.

"'Once A Marine' represents a years-long effort to give voice to those who rarely tell their stories. This Veteran's Day Weekend we hope to inspire a real dialogue about veterans and the issues they face.

"'Once A Marine' has not yet been publicly released or premiered, so we invite you take part in this limited screening before it becomes publicly available.

"We look forward to hearing your voices on Facebook, Twitter, or our website, and we hope that we have done our part to honor our veterans this holiday weekend.”
Once A Marine Film Production
Daniel Seymour