Family Pest Control in Stone Oak, TX, Announces Winter Pest Control Services

Family Pest Control, which has proudly provided pest control in Stone Oak, TX, and the surrounding areas for nearly 35 years, has announced services aimed at protecting a home from winter pests, and preventing infestations in the coming spring. Services include both maintenance and insect specific treatments.

San Antonio, TX, November 10, 2016 --( Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Services for Winter Pest Control

The best way to prevent pest problems in and around the home is through regular maintenance, and because many pests seek shelter in nearby homes once the weather begins to cool, treating the property before winter sets in is important. Family Pest Control offers three maintenance programs for their clients in Stone Oak, TX.

Pest Clean Out Service - A one-time treatment of the entire home, inside and out, designed to provide long lasting protection. May be repeated as needed.
Quarterly Service - Whole home treatment and preventive applied every three months. Currently this is the most popular option for pest control in Stone Oak, TX.

Bi-Monthly or Monthly Service - Increased frequency of treatments for stubborn and large infestations.

Insect Specific Services

Rodent and Wild Animal Trapping - Includes a complete home inspection for pests and points of entry.

Bed Bug Removal - Eliminates bed bugs throughout the home using the latest procedures and products.

Flea and Tick Treatments - Either to treat a current infestation or to prevent infestation from happening.

Mosquito Control - Yard treatments to reduce the number of mosquitoes by up to 75 percent.

Those who would like to learn more about services or to request a free estimate for winter pest control in Stone Oak, TX, are encouraged to contact Family Pest Control directly.

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