VisualCalc Announces New Personal Finance Website:

New Website Offers Consumers Free Personal Finance Calculators and Guidance

El Dorado Hills, CA, November 11, 2016 --( VisualCalc, a leading provider of website calculators and custom decision support tools, today announced it has launched a new website offering consumers free personal finance calculators and advice: Simply Visual (

Simply Visual features a collection of personal finance calculators designed to educate and guide consumers faced with common personal finance decisions. These free calculators span a variety of personal finance topics, including mortgages, retirement planning, savings, paying for college, credit card debt, auto loans, and health care expenses. Some specific examples of decisions these calculators help consumers analyze include:

· Should you take out a fixed or adjustable home mortgage loan?
· Are you on track to meet your retirement goals?
· How much should you save for college?
· Should you consolidate your debt?
· Should you buy or lease your automobile?

These calculators are based on the same technology that VisualCalc uses in the calculators it supplies to financial institutions for deployment on their own websites. These calculators feature an interactive, user-friendly graphical interface that enables dynamic “what if” analysis. Users can change their input assumptions and immediately see the impact of these changes in clear, easy-to-understand tables, graphs and charts. For example, a user can change their planned retirement age and immediately see the impact this has on their ability to meet their retirement savings goal. This “what if” capability helps consumers reach the best possible decision for their specific personal finance needs.

Once the user’s analysis is complete, the user can use VisualCalc’s “Email Results” functionality to have a summary results report delivered to their inbox. VisualCalc also recently added this capability to its line of calculators for businesses, along with an “Apply Now” feature that automatically takes users to an online application or webpage for relevant services offered by the financial institution that is deploying the calculator on their website. These new features enhance the convenience and utility of these calculators for users, allowing them to extend their analysis all the way through a financial services application in a single session.

VisualCalc’s calculators are also fully responsive, and offer universal platform compatibility for both desktop and mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Providing VisualCalc calculators to the general public helps consumers, personal finance bloggers and advisors, and VisualCalc’s own product development efforts. Consumers can use the calculators to help them reach the best possible decision for their specific personal finance needs. Personal finance bloggers and advisors can share the calculators with their audience and their clients, extending the utility of their guidance. Finally, VisualCalc benefits from the direct feedback it receives from consumers using their calculators, helping them to continually improve and innovate their product offering.

The Simply Visual website and free calculators are now available for use at
Bob Bennett