VisualCalc Announces New Personal Finance Website:

New Website Offers Consumers Free Personal Finance Calculators and Guidance - November 11, 2016

VisualCalc Introduces “Email Results” and “Apply Now” Functionality for Its Website Calculators

VisualCalc, a leading provider of website calculators and custom decision support tools, today announced two new features it has incorporated into its family of website calculators: “Apply Now” and “Email Results.” In addition to these new features, VisualCalc also announced it has launched a new line of responsive website calculators. - September 08, 2016

VisualCalc Announces New Retirement Planning Tool for Banks and Other Financial Institutions

VisualCalc's new Retirement Planning Tool is an interactive, web-based calculator that helps consumers optimize their retirement strategy and financial institutions expand their retirement fund balances. - February 04, 2014

VisualCalc Announces New Website Calculators Offering Universal Platform Support

New VisualCalc Calculators, designed to be embedded on customer websites, combine dynamic, interactive user interfaces with support for both desktop and mobile computing platforms. - September 24, 2013

VisualCalc Announces New Retirement Planning Tool for Retirement Plan Administrators

VisualCalc Announces New Retirement Planning Tool for Retirement Plan Administrators

VisualCalc today announced the availability of the VisualCalc™ Retirement Planning Tool. The VisualCalc Retirement Planning Tool is a web-based customer self-service tool that retirement plan administrators, including third party administrators and plan sponsors, can offer their plan participants to help them properly prepare for their retirement. - November 07, 2012

VisualCalc Announces New Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Dashboard

VisualCalc, a provider of web-based analysis software and the creator of (, today announced the introduction of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Dashboard, a new free public dashboard that enables graphical, easy-to-interpret analysis of AFV adoption... - September 25, 2012

VisualCalc Announces New Election 2012 Dashboard for

New Free Public Dashboard Highlights Projections for Upcoming 2012 Presidential Election - April 13, 2012

VisualCalc Announces New Deposit Allocation Tool for Banks and Financial Institutions

New VisualCalc Customizable Sales Tool Helps Banks Develop Relationships, Increase Deposits, Improve Customer Satisfaction - March 02, 2012

VisualCalc Releases New Whitepaper Focused on Website Calculators

Free Whitepaper Outlines How Website Calculators Help Financial Institutions Increase Custom Acquisition, Improve Custom Satisfaction and Retention, and Reduce Transaction Costs - January 06, 2012

VisualCalc Announces New Customer Service Tools for Health Care Providers

VisualCalc's New Health Plan Comparison Tool and Health Treatment Fee Tool Help Health Care Providers Improve Customer Satisfaction, Enhance Transparency, and Lower Administrative Costs - December 02, 2011

VisualCalc Announces Health Care Dashboards - Free Public Dashboards Focused on Health Care-Related Issues for

Interactive, Easy-to-Understand Graphs and Charts Help the Public Decipher Issues Related to Today’s Health Care Reform Debates - January 13, 2010

VisualCalc Announces Alternative Energy Dashboard for

New Public Dashboard Showcases Alternative Energy Production on a Country-by-Country Basis. - September 16, 2009

VisualCalc Announces Technology Adoption Dashboard for

VisualCalc Announces Technology Adoption Dashboard for New Public Dashboard Highlights Annual Trends in Cell Phone and Internet Usage Across the Globe. - July 23, 2009

VisualCalc Announces New Swine Flu Dashboard for

New Public Dashboard Tracks Daily Progression of Swine Flu (H1N1 Flu) by Country and State. - May 21, 2009

VisualCalc Announces Three New Public Dashboards Focused on the American Recovery Act (Stimulus Plan) and California Budget Crisis

New Additions to Highlight Financial Details and Budget Impact of Approved and Pending Economic Plans - April 01, 2009

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