Coronet Introduces Cloud-Based Service to Help Companies Regain Control Over to Which Networks Employees Can Connect

New Wireless Policy Definition and Enforcement Service Protects Users and the Enterprise from Risky Networks and Cyber Attacks.

San Francisco, CA, November 14, 2016 --( Coronet, a cyber security software company, unveiled a second release of its cloud-based service, an end to end platform aimed at preventing a wireless breach to the enterprise, by regaining visibility and control over to which networks users connect and how risky those networks are, on any device, anywhere.

Coronet R2 is a wireless risk-based policy and enforcement service that comes bundled with a layer of leading-edge security intelligence and threat detection capabilities. The new service elevates wireless security policy definition and enforcement so that CiSOs, IT directors, and network managers can make it central to a company’s existing security strategy.

Since enterprise users are using wireless connectivity in both their office as well as public places, cyber criminals attack the corporate devices at hotels, airports, food courts, and other public places as well as compromising the offices’ wireless networks. Once attackers create a wireless breach, they gain full access to the device and to the enterprise’s resources the device has access to.

Coronet provides policy-based control on the users’ connectivity to networks and their access to enterprise resources, while providing real-time visibility to wireless threats on networks around devices. With the Coronet R2, CiSOs and network managers could establish a wireless policy stating, for example, that while in the office, employees can only use the corporate WiFi network, while providing freedom of connectivity outside of the premises, as long as the network is deemed safe by Coronet.

New functionality included in Coronet R2 includes:

A “define once, run on any platform” wireless connectivity policy definition. The policy definition is implemented via Coronet’s cloud-based platform that is then executed on any device, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

The capability to define policy to seal and protect your premises and any other area of interest from a complete range of wireless threat -- with no dedicated hardware installation.

Visibility into which networks users connect
Sophisticated security intelligence on threats near users or which can be set to target select geographic areas of interest.
Real-time wireless threat detection capabilities

With 100% of enterprise employees using wireless devices both for work and personal activities, a strong wireless policy needs to go beyond threat detection. By regaining control over to which networks users can connect, companies can lessen the growing risk of cyber attackers infecting corporate devices with malware or gaining access to enterprise resources.

A recent market study found that 65% of IT decision makers are confident that they have a clearly defined BYOD security policy in place, yet 67% of employees disagree. Today’s workers use multiple devices to continuously access the corporate network. Cyber criminals seek to exploit weak mobile security, targeting unsuspecting employees’ devices to attack the enterprise or intercept sensitive data.

“Coronet is the first company that enables the enterprise to regain control over to which networks its users can connect. With cyber criminals focusing on exploiting users’ heavy reliance on conveniently available WiFi and cellular networks, it’s imperative that companies protect employees and the enterprise from someone willingly or unwillingly signing onto risky networks and placing the company’s data assets in jeopardy,” noted Guy Moskowitz, Coronet’s CEO.

Since its formal launch last spring 2015, Coronet has received a number of industry awards and accolades, including Stevie Winner for "Startup of the Year - Business Products Industries," Cisco’s Top 15 Pioneers Innovation Challenge, Business Insider’s Hottest Israeli Startups, exclusive participant in Cisco’s innovative EIR Program, TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield contestant, and Tech Trailblazers top security startup.

About Coronet
Coronet is the first company that enables the enterprise to regain control over wireless connections. Coronet’s cloud service gives companies visibility into to which wireless networks users connect, real-time intelligence on how risky those Wi-Fi or Cellular networks are, and full wireless connection policy enforcement on any device.

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