KISSBOBO Bra Pad Inserts Promise Quality and Comfort Like Never Before

This new product will provide support and enhancement while offering seamless and discreet, worry-free comfort.

Baldwin Park, CA, November 12, 2016 --( KISSBOBO, a company that equips professional R&D and production technology, has launched a new generation of silicone bra pads that are equal parts function and appearance. These seamless, strapless bra inserts provide a push up feature that acts as a breast enhancer, providing wearers with both support and added definition.

These bra inserts are manufactured from medical-grade silicone that will leave their skin free of irritation. All materials areof a high quality, allowing for both durability and a natural appearance. They also feel natural and do not distract or feel foreign when worn, instead molding into your body with ease. Often times, self-adhesive breast enhancers can feel sticky or uncomfortable, but that is not the case with this product.

Each bra pad comes with a thick bump pad alongside the bottom, which creates a form of padding that lifts and pushes up the breast area, making busts appear one size fuller and perkier even without a bra. It’s not uncommon for bra pads to simply function as makeshift covers, but this KISSBOBO product is meant to be supportive and even offer a lift and enhancement that cannot even be found in certain bras.

These bra inserts are designed to shape and support your bust without the discomfort of an underwire, and it allows users to forget the idea of wearing bras altogether on backless, sleeveless, sheer, or low-cut attire. They can also be worn underneath or lingerie if preferred, but their waterproof nature means that they can also be put on under bikinis and swimsuits. No matter what material the clothing is, these bra inserts are seamless and will not be seen through them, and they will not cause awkward bunches in the fabric.

The product is meant to make users feel more confident with their appearance, enhancing cleavage, promoting femininity and allowing them to wear anything without the fears that come with being unable to wear a bra. There will be no longer any need to feel insecure about visible bra straps or back buckles, allowing users to don any form of attire and still feel sexy and beautiful, like celebrities on a red carpet.

The KISSBOBO bra pad inserts come in two sizes. One size applies to those who wear an A or B cup, made with a flatter top half and measuring just over two inches tall and just over four and a half inches wide. The next size is meant for those who wear a C or D cup, and it has a more rounded shape, measuring 3.31” tall and 5.35” wide. They come in the colors nude and beige in order to accommodate certain preferences.

With the KISBOBO bra pad inserts, users can express their unique individuality through clothing without hindrances from traditional bras. Achieve the cleavage that has only been dreamed of, in the clothes that make you feel sexy and attractive, with these delightful bra inserts.
Sami Wang