The Old Schoolhouse Announces President-Elect Donald Trump's Recognition of the Homeschool Movement

Gray, TN, November 13, 2016 --( Homeschooling is on the rise. In the last six years, the number of homeschooling families has grown from 2 million to 2.3 million in the United States alone.1 Many factors contribute to the decision to homeschool – student safety, quality of education, special needs concerns, religious beliefs and values, etc.

As the number of homeschoolers continues to grow, and the vision of education expands, even the new United States President-elect, Donald Trump, has favorably acknowledged the homeschooling community and movement in campaign speeches around the country. Recently at the Family Research Council's annual Values Voter Summit, Mr. Trump stated, "School choice means that parents can homeschool their children. 100%."

Research shows parents are more than capable of educating their children at home. The parent/teacher knows what is being taught and has the freedom to educate per the child’s strengths, interests, and weaknesses. According to a survey of homeschoolers conducted by Dr. Brian Ray and the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschoolers consistently perform above average academically.2 These results are not based on, or related to, the parents’ education. Other research points to above-average SAT and ACT test scores for children who are homeschooled.

Home education isn’t new. In the United States, historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, Thomas Edison, and Frank Lloyd Wright were homeschooled. And now just might be the easiest time to educate at home. It is legal in all 50 states with requirements ranging from none to approval of curriculum and proof of the parent’s own education.

Homeschoolers spend approximately $600-900 per year per child on curriculum and other materials.3 Typically, curriculum is the biggest expense, but there are numerous ways to save money without skimping on your child’s education, including frequenting the library, buying used curricula, and utilizing online sources.

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