Adaptive Computing Improves Ease-of-Use & Cost Efficiency in Moab HPC Suite 9.1 Release

Provo, UT, November 14, 2016 --( Adaptive Computing announces the latest major release of Moab HPC Suite and related add-ons. The new release introduces several improvements for increasing resource/cost efficiency and ease-of-use. In addition, its new full suite installation wizard makes it possible to install Moab HPC Suite 9.1 and associated add-ons in less than an hour.

Cost management is integral to making efficient use of your expensive HPC investments. This is particularly important in the world of pay-as-you-go cloud bursting, where the appetite for more and more resources can easily begin to push usage beyond budgets. This 9.1 release gives users of elastic computing the ability to place limits on their own usage, configuring bursting caps per QoS or globally, at per day, month, quarter or year time intervals. To further enable effective cost management, Moab Accounting Manager can now generically track resources with complex attributes such as software licenses and NUMA resources (cores, sockets, threads, NUMA nodes), as well as effectively track blocked processors and processor equivalents, job names, wall clock limits, exit codes, node features, and queue times. Moab Accounting Manager can also perform incremental charging, in order to accurately track, charge, and provide usage feedback in situations where usage extends over longer periods of time. This release also helps to utilize resources more efficiently by expanding Viewpoint job submission criteria to include job memory usage per core and the ability to set minimums and maximums on job core count usage in order to optimize run times.

As compute environments grow and inevitably become more complex, success is measured by being able to make it easy for users to work productively. Adaptive Computing is dedicated to increasing productivity through ease-of-use investments, and 9.1 delivered on a number of valuable improvements. For starters, Adaptive Computing’s new Automated Installer dramatically reduces installation complexity for administrators by enabling a full implementation (Moab HPC Suite, Viewpoint, Remote Visualization, Moab Accounting Manager, Nitro, etc.) in less than an hour. Remote Visualization is faster and simpler to set up using SSH keys for authentication. The portal also provides a grid thumbnail preview of all remote visualization sessions, to make monitoring and connecting to sessions of interest straightforward. Nitro added ease-of-use improvements, including the Nitrosub command line submission tool and the ability to run multiple coordinators on the same node, making it much simpler to share resources between users and groups. The 9.1 release also includes the development of a Torque Resource Plugin Framework, which makes it possible to interact with new arbitrary resources without changing Torque’s code, and promises the potential benefits of further enabling the Torque community to develop and share plugins.

“Adaptive Computing is driving a competitive advantage for its customers by reducing complexity in compute environments, optimizing cost reduction, and providing ease-of-use capabilities for higher user productivity,” says Marty Smuin, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “We are proud of our investments in your success and look forward to continuing to seek for ways to help you get the most out of your computing environments.”

The 9.1 release is available November 2016. Gain access to these capabilities by updating to Moab HPC Suite 9.1. Learn more by calling (801) 717 – 3722 or sending inquiries to

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Adaptive Computing's workload and resource orchestration software platform, Moab, is a world leader in dynamically optimizing large-scale computing environments. Moab intelligently places workloads and adapts resources to optimize application performance, increase system utilization and achieve organizational objectives. Moab's unique intelligent and predictive capabilities evaluate the impact of future orchestration decisions across diverse workload domains (HPC, HTC, Big Data, and Cloud VMs); thereby optimizing cost reduction, speeding product delivery and driving a competitive advantage.

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