Daymark Press Announces New Book Release - "The Language of Man: Learning to Speak Creativity" by Larry Robertson

From Daymark Press, "If you want to create or innovate, this book is indispensable." Award-winning author Larry Robertson newest book is aimed at individuals and organizations seeking to unlock their natural creative capacity. It's unique focus - looking at the "patterns" across "all" creativity in all fields - plus the insights of 66 genius award winning MacArthur Fellows, are among the book's standout features.

Arlington, VA, November 16, 2016 --( From global leaders to parents, creativity is consistently cited as the most important skill in a fast moving, increasingly complex world. But what is creativity? Who is creative? And how can anyone create anything, anytime, anywhere? Award-winning author Larry Robertson reveals the answers in his new book published by Daymark Press, "The Language of Man: Learning to Speak Creativity."

Robertson’s approach is unique. Rather than offer a single story of creativity or promise a formula for how to create, he shows the patterns of creativity across many fields – those critical but easily overlooked "simple truths" behind how it works, no matter where it occurs. Even more valuable, in a book New York Times bestselling author Brigid Schulte calls “utterly captivating,” Robertson “shows how creativity, more than anything, is a mindset, a habit, a choice, and the limitless and necessary birthright of us all.”

Backed by broad and deep research, "The Language of Man" focuses on what creativity is like in actual practice. And to make that “bracingly concrete,” Robertson introduces readers to more than 60 MacArthur Fellows, recipients of so-called "genius award." Their experiences in the trenches of creativity make their insights credible and more, useable. But it’s their message to readers that, rather than geniuses, they are "just like you" that may be the most valuable message of all.

Readers who are on a quest to unlock their own creativity don’t want to miss this thought-provoking book now available everywhere books are sold.

About the Author
Larry Robertson is the 8-time award-winning author of A Deliberate Pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress and the founder of two ventures, one for-profit and one non. He is a highly respected thought leader in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, advising individuals and organizations across a broad spectrum.

Larry is a graduate of Stanford University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and a former Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Advanced Praise
“Within the first few pages of his fascinating new book, The Language of Man, Larry Robertson shatters deeply-held myths that creativity and genius are the birthright of a mere handful of elites, bringing the vaunted notion of genius out of the clouds and into our everyday lives. In a carefully constructed argument, backed by wide-ranging research from neuroscience to philosophy and the engaging stories of some of the most creative people on the planet, Robertson instead shows how creativity, more than anything, is a mindset, a habit, a choice, and the limitless and necessary birthright of us all. The accessibility of creativity this book reveals and the possibility it opens our eyes to are utterly captivating.” -Brigid Schulte, New York Times bestselling author, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One has the Time Director, Better Life Lab, New America

“The Language of Man is founded on a powerful idea: that creativity is not the privilege of a few exceptional minds, but a language that is our natural birthright. Want to become more fluent in the language of creativity? This hopeful, insightful book will show you how.” -Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author, A Whole New Mind and DRIVE

“Author Larry Robertson attests to the creative capacity of every person while also probing what we can learn from the most recognized and successful creators in a wide variety of fields. He draws out strategies, habits, and practices that we can all use. This fresh and surprising approach makes his book both wide-ranging and bracingly concrete.” -Liz Lerman, Author of Hiking the Horizontal Choreographer, educator, MacArthur Fellow
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