"Introvert Dreams" is the First Coloring Book Just for Introverts

A new coloring book takes readers on a breathtaking journey through an introvert's inner world. From the creator of the world's largest introvert community.

St. Paul, MN, November 17, 2016 --(PR.com)-- It started at a Christmas party. Jenn Granneman, founder of the word’s largest introvert community, and author Andre Sólo were talking about their favorite coloring books when a relative suggested there should be one just for introverts. They didn’t know it at the time, but the idea would become Introvert Dreams, the first ever coloring book made by and for introverts.

“We just looked at each other and knew we should do it,” said Granneman, who created the online publication Introvert, Dear. “Introverts are finally starting to be better understood and accepted. But there aren’t a lot of products made just for us.”

The pair had never made a coloring book before, but they set about talking to artists. Both introverts themselves, they soon recruited graphic novelist Maxeem Konrardy to create the artwork.

“The first thing Max told us is that he’s an introvert himself,” Granneman said. “When we described the feeling of never quite fitting in, he knew exactly what we meant, and he wanted to bring it to life.”

But they wanted Introvert Dreams to be more than just a coloring book. They felt it should tell a complete story - one that reflects the deep inner world many introverts have.

“It’s the story of slipping into the pages of a magical book,” Granneman said. “You follow an introvert and her cat as they journey through her beautiful dreamworld. It’s really about finding solitude and a place where you feel at home.”

Introvert Dreams is also meaty. With 90 colorable images, including nearly 60 pages of full two-page spreads, it easily weighs in as one of the most robust coloring books on the market. Granneman said this was intentional.

“We wanted to make something special,” she said. “Something where you want to treasure it, and read it again, and hang up the pages that you color.”

Introvert Dreams is independently published and will be available November 21. Preorder information can be found at introvertdear.com/dreams. Press inquiries should be directed to Jenn Granneman at jenn@introvertdear.com.
Introvert Dreams
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