MaxEngine Pro Inc. Created a Fuel Additive for Enhanced Engine Performance

Denver, CO, November 17, 2016 --( Fuel additives for enhanced engine performance help ensure vehicles and equipment operate properly by keeping vital components clean and removing harmful deposit accumulation. These supplements protect the fuel system and enhance fuel characteristics giving improvement in engine power, fuel economy and acceleration while helping to minimize harmful emissions and protect the environment. Fuel additives in the United States are regulated under section 211 of the Clean Air Act, as amended in January 1995 (source - Four types of cleaning related fuel additives are known - fuel system cleaners, fuel injector cleaners, gas treatments and multi-system additives. Of course, there are many variations on these basic types, but most fuel additives can be classified this way.

MaxEngine Pro Inc. created a new of its kind fuel additive, which can be referred to "multi-system additives" group. It differs form the other products of that kind in its shape - it comes in form of tablets (pills) instead of liquid. MaxEngine Pro main ingredients are petroleum extract and hydrocarbon derivatives. Other special additives also present in product's composition, but producer keep them secret. The fuel additive is packed in a box, each containing 5 pills. Each tablet treats up to 75 liters or 750-900 km depending on the fuel consumption.

Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will be the first countries where the product will be released for sale.
MaxEngine Pro Inc.
Charles Carter