Grab Credibility and Authority: a Top Expert’s Best Advice

Author Steven Van Yoder appears on Jay Ehret's Power to the Small Business podcast to discuss his Get Slightly Famous strategy. It's a formula to get publicity for your business by gaining credibility and authority. Found on The Marketing Spot Blog.

Waco, TX, January 27, 2008 --( Become a celebrity in your field and attract more business with less effort. That’s the promise of Steven Van Yoder, author of Get Slightly Famous.

Van Yoder appears this week on the Power to the Small Business podcast with Jay Ehret to discuss his Get Slightly Famous Strategy. It’s a blueprint for gaining business credibility and differentiation in a crowded market place. The podcast about small business marketing can be heard on Ehret’s, The Marketing Spot blog.

When Van Yoder was a free-lance journalist, he was constantly searching for credible sources for his stories. As he searched for quotable experts, he soon discovered that each industry had certain “go-to-guys” that were considered authorities in their field.

Upon closer examination, Van Yoder found that there was an identifiable formula for becoming a celebrity in a particular industry. That led to his slightly famous strategy and the first edition of his book.

The Formula
During the interview with Ehret on the podcast, Van Yoder identifies what he considers to be the four most important elements for getting slightly famous:

First, have clear understanding of your target group. Market where those people spend time and don’t market where they don’t.

Second, maintain visibility. It’s not just getting attention, it’s about maintaining contact on an ongoing basis.

Third, embrace credibility marketing, which is the opposite of paid advertising. Van Yoder suggests talks, articles, free reports and internet contact.

Fourth, position yourself as a thought leader. Create useful information without sales pressure and be a resource.

Van Yoder says that, “People are looking for good, honest information. You need to just create it and put it out there. You would be surprised at how many people you can attract.”

Listen to the Interview
Ehret and Van Yoder also discuss specific actions to implement the get slightly famous strategy including using the media, public relations, and cause marketing.

The interview can be heard on Ehret’s Marketing Spot Blog: It is also available on iTunes and by searching the term: Jay Ehret.

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