Prairie City RV Center Adds New Service: RV Leak Detection Technology

Prairie City RV Center offers new service in Folsom and other surrounding areas using a revolutionary Leak Detection Technology equipment, the Sealtech 430-R.

Folsom, CA, November 19, 2016 --( Prairie City RV Center offers new service in Folsom and other surrounding areas using a revolutionary Leak Detection Technology. The Sealtech 430-R, a specialized equipment specifically designed to speed up leak repair will be used to pressurize interiors of coaches in order to detect on the roof and along the exterior of the RV. A surfactant or a soapy water solution is then used to produce bubbles on openings.

Even the smallest leaks can cause damage to the interior of the RV. Left unrepaired, openings can only increase in size over time and can lead to significant water damage. This is why routine leak detection should be a part of every RV owner’s preventative maintenance routine.

RV designs differ depending on the manufacturer as well as features and characteristics. However, staff at Prairie City RV are trained and qualified to cater to any leak repair needs, and they employ an impeller RPM controller to better manage airflow and pressure. The system makes efficient use of air, drawing air from the outside through the roof vent to create positive interior pressure. This pressure then causes the air to flow outward and through outer skin faults. Soapy solution is then applied to areas suspected that have outer skin faults to confirm the leaks.

For larger RVs, it is understandable that higher air flow and pressures are required. Unregulated, high levels of these variables can be dangerous. To avoid damage, the Sealtech 430-R is equipped with an easily readable differential gauge system that shows highly accurate readings and draws power at 4.9 amps. The machine itself is engineered to make controlling air flow easy and only operate at safe levels.

With the simplicity offered by the Sealtech 430-R, the tasks of leak diagnosis and recording are done more efficiently and can be assigned to junior staff. This way, more experienced technicians can attend to leak repair jobs that require greater expertise.

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