FreeMedSuppQuotes Launches Website in Response to Growing Medigap Demand

FreeMedSuppQuotes launches its website to accommodate the growing demand of Medicare Supplement insurance.

Milford, MI, November 21, 2016 --( To address the growing number of Medicare supplement plan (also known as Medigap) applications, FreeMedSuppQuotes launches an informative and user-friendly website, The site aims to provide potential Medigap applicants with essential details on the different standardized plans before requesting a quote and/or a purchase.

Medigap plans prove to be a cost-efficient method to deal with expenses associated with aging. The rising costs of medical assistance during the twilight years may be too much to handle for conventional Medicare policyholders. Also, unlike Medicare Advantage plans, Medigap offers the flexibility and convenience of seeking assistance outside in-network doctors and hospitals.

The website features a three-step flow: Learn the Basics, Choose Your Plan, and Request for Quotes. Each step will allow Medigap applicants access to crucial information, such as why Medicare supplement plans are important policies to consider, what the different Medigap plans are, how to enroll for a plan, and when is the best time to enroll for one.

Medicare supplement plan quotes can also be easily requested on the website. Aside from the competitive rates offered, visitors can also connect with trusted agents who will answer any question regarding Medigap coverage.

The decision to launch the website is also because of the apparent need for more people to be aware of the many benefits of Medigap plans. FreeMedSuppQuotes hopes that the website will provide an avenue for more people to learn about Medigap solutions, by providing information that will protect policyholders from out-of-pocket expenses and assuring individuals of getting the proper support and assistance when they need it.

About is one of the country’s Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance agencies. The website hopes to provide visitors with relevant and updated information on Medigap plans. From concise explanations of concepts that could otherwise be confusing to access to free Medicare Supplement insurance plan quotes with competitive rates in the market, this site provides its visitors an avenue to obtain the coverage that could be suitable to their medical needs and requirements.

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