MtB Entertainment's Artist Marcus Christ Plans to Release Book and New Album Titled "Prince of the Universe" Along with New Single Titled "Leave This Bitch"

MtB Entertainment currently plans to release an autobiograpy book, a new album titled "Prince of the Universe" in 2017 and new single titled "Leave This Bitch" for artist Marcus Christ.

Compton, CA, November 24, 2016 --( MtB Entertainment artist Marcus Christ was just recorded a new single called "Leave This Bitch" for a new upcoming album titled "Prince of the Universe" sometime in 2017. Marcus Christ last album "Return of the Beast" is currently on sale online. He says, "The concept for this song is leaving a place you don't want to be at or any point in time and space that one does not concur with."

While no one was injured in December Marcus Christ says, "I apologize for putting people's lives in danger I don't want people to break the law, but I had a lapse in judgement which I don't want to happen again." Marcus Christ says the album "Prince of the Universe" concept came to him while struggling with new ordeals such as trying to get feed, physical confrontations, and generally being somewhere he didn't want to be. Marcus Christ said, "Leave This Bitch can refer to a relationship or situation, and this single will do both."
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