Filipino Game Studio, Skillshot Labs Today Announced That Their Flagship Otomoe Game, "Notice Me Senpai!" is Very Close to Reaching a Milestone of One Million Downloads

"Notice Me Senpai!" a mobile game made by Filipino game studio, Skillshot Labs is almost at a total of One Million Organic Downloads for Android and iOS platforms. First released in December of 2015, the mobile game quickly gained a following and was featured in various Game and Pop Culture Websites such as Tokyo Otaku Mode, IGN, and Siliconera. Head on over to the “Notice Me Senpai!” facebook page for more game news and updates:

Makati City, Philippines, November 24, 2016 --( This unique collecting game appeals towards the often underestimated and untapped market of Japanese Anime and Otome Game fans. With over 100,000 active users all over the world, mostly in regions such as the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, “Notice Me Senpai” constantly provides monthly events and content for the game to satisfy its fan-following and to contribute to the growth of its ever-expanding audience.

Catering to the demand of its diverse market, the game has just recently been localized and translated into over 4 different languages. Each version of the game, in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Indonesian, is being constantly updated alongside the main English version in both iOS and Android platforms.

The game has also successfully been able to expand into merchandising, accommodating the needs of its fan base for tangible products rooted in the game’s characters and stories. “Notice Me Senpai!” merchandise has been sold and shipped off to fans in different parts of the world.

Now, “Notice Me Senpai!” is continuously growing content for loyal fans and new users with each and every bi-monthly update. It is estimated to reach the 1 millionth download mark by the end of the year.

About Skillshot Labs, Inc.:
Skillshot Labs, comprised of Filipino developers and designers, work around the clock to provide quality content and excellent customer service for all platforms and versions of the game. First established in 2012, Skillshot Labs has been steadily producing a stream of original games and IPs. Now with its successful foray into the Otome game industry with its flagship game, "Notice Me Senpai!" Skillshot Labs is seeking Partners, Investors and Platform Owners to further expand into the untapped global market of the Otome game genre.

Media Contact:
Kazuyuki Nagashima
Chief Operating Officer
Skillshot Labs
5th Floor, King’s Court Tower
2129 Chino Roces Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
Skillshot Labs
Kazuyuki Nagashima