Thirst for Revenge Takes Center Stage in Latest Shel Weinstein Masterpiece

In his latest book in the series starring Henry Fox, author Shel Weinstein serves up a tale of revenge following a murder. Dog Ear Publishing reviews this new thriller set in Las Vegas and Chicago.

Oxnard, CA, November 26, 2016 --( Henry Fox couldn’t be happier with his life. His investigative business is thriving, his 5-year-old son is a delight, and his marriage is solid. But something is about to happen that will shatter that calm, and the story unfolds in a new mystery released by Dog Ear Publishing.

In “To Die for Art: A Henry Fox Mystery,” Henry and his best friend Jesse have a job to do: Recover stolen paintings from a wealthy client worth $20 million by giving the thieves $4 million from the insurance company. The late-night reconnaissance smells fishy, and their suspicions soon turn out to be true as a single bullet changes everything. The death devastates Henry, and after drowning his sorrows in a bottle for days he nearly loses control. That incident turns him around; he begins working out and rage begins to replace the sadness.

A search for his friend’s killers begins, with the backing of his beautiful wife Julia, even if she doesn’t suspect he longs to act as judge, jury and executioner. He recruits jazz musician Silas James to help with the chase. A potential insider may have helped, and Henry finds the case may be more complicated than it appears. He and Silas will have to pursue the art thieves amid the glittery and danger of Las Vegas and the mean streets of Chicago before they find the answers they seek.

A doppelganger for Henry seems to be stalking the investigator in his usual haunts, throwing everyone off their game. When they finally meet, Henry learns some unpleasant truths that alter his perceptions of the past. As the investigation drags on, Henry’s rage against the killer continues to build. It will take all of Julia’s wits and some help from friends new and old to bring him back from the edge of disaster.

Weinstein, born and raised on Chicago’s Southside, lives in Oxnard, Calif. The former advertising copywriter earned a Dog Ear Publishing Award of Literary Excellence for his second book featuring Henry Fox, “In Murder’s Wake.” The first book in the adventure/mystery series was “Left Cross.

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To Die for Art: A Henry Fox Mystery
Shel Weinstein
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4973-1 276 pages $14.99 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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