Fantastic Disaster Poetry Magazine is Live on Kickstarter

FD Poetry is a online poetry magazine that will take submissions, award monthly cash prizes, and donate at least 10% to charity.

Los Angeles, CA, November 24, 2016 --( Even in today's modern times there are still parts of the world where women aren't allowed to freely write, be seen reading a book, or educate themselves. People are literally risking their lives in an attempt to express themselves. FD Poetry has made it their Mission Statement to be their outlet.

Michael Matthews is the creator and "Head Poem Aficionado" of Fantastic Disaster Poetry. They are launching an online magazine and website that will accept submissions, award monthly cash prizes to poets ($500 to start), and donate at least 10% of all profits to various charities and causes. As revenue grows, so will the monthly pot and the number of poets cashing in.

F.D. Poetry stems from a website that collected hundreds of poems from around the world. So far, the team has made a lot of great connections. They have several poems on the way from award winning artists, and have been invited by several teachers and Principals interested in having mini poetry competitions in their grade schools and Universities. FD Poetry also has plans to do several special issues like "Thoughts from Abroad," an all "Woman's Issue," various Holiday themes, and whatever else their amazing readers suggest.

For almost 10 years now Michael Matthews has been helping manage a nonprofit teaching inner city high school student's film, media editing, and journalism principles. He has volunteered with Big Brother styled mentoring programs, spent a year working in a Group Home for children with mental disabilities, and served with AmeriCorps for 2 years. He also oversaw accounts for numerous fortune 500 companies handling millions of dollars daily.

Thanks for reading! If you made it this far check out Kickstarter for more details and support the campaign. (Live Nov 21-Dec 21, 2016).
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