Light Of The Moon Publishing Releases New 2nd Edition Hardback Novel from G.W. Mullins, "Redemption A Gay Paranormal Mystery / Love Story"

G.W. Mullins' new release takes on the paranormal in the form of a new gay novel, titled “Redemption A Gay Paranormal Mystery / Love Story." Mullins' book is a paranormal ghost story filled with mystery, murder and suspense.

New York, NY, November 25, 2016 --( Redemption is the story of an older teen who recently came out while enduring the death of his father and the challenges of moving to a new town. With a new home, he sought peace and a chance to heal, what he found was two unsolved murders and that there was something living in his house with him.

After the death of his father, Benjamin starts a new life in a seaside town in New York where he and his mother move into a strange gothic house with a terrible history. From the moment Benjamin starts to settle in, he feels he was being watched. He is sure they were not alone in the house.

As Benjamin learns of his new home, he is told of a past resident who fell to her death on the nearby cliffs at the same time that her teenage son, Eli, disappeared. Eli, now a ghostly apparition, appears to Benjamin and claims that his mother's death was a murder, not suicide and asks for Benjamin's help in bringing the dangerous killer to justice.

The mystery unfolds as Benjamin enlists the help of the hunky new friend he has made named Joe. A romance develops between them, but does Joe know more about the murder and disappearance than he is letting on? Will Benjamin live to solve the murder?

This story is the first in a series of Paranormal Fantasy/Gay Romance that kicks off an epic trilogy of love, life and a fight to survive.

For further information, on his writing visit G.W. Mullins' web site at Books from G.W. Mullins are available from, Kobo, Google Book Store, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble and retailers worldwide.

G.W. Mullins is a Native American of Cherokee decent. He has been a published author for several years. He recently released book one in his “True Love Never Dies” series, the best-selling title “Jason And Alexander.”
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