Anchors To Dusk Publishing Spotlights Real Heroes of the Revolution

David Bourhenne will be the next publication spotlight in Anchors To Dusk Publishing's historical preservation project.

East Hanover, NJ, November 25, 2016 --( The fine young man, David Bourhenne, whom Anchors To Dusk Publishing is going to spotlight next, also got heavily interested in history at a young age, much like Nick Dalrymple.

He became enveloped in preservation and reenacting when he was 7-years-old. "...And being a young boy, I enjoyed playing 'war' with my friends, and would like to dress up in uniforms," Bourhenne told Anchors recently. He is predominately into the craft of tailoring, and even sews his own uniforms for events. "My grandmother assisted me with making uniforms; she is one of the reasons I became interested in sewing and tailoring when I got older," David continued.

Although David's deep-rooted interests lie in the 18th-Century, he also dabbles in Civil War history. When he was 8-years-old, he was introduced to that particular time period. From then on, he was dead set on becoming a reenactor; he didn't actually start until he was 12-years-old. And then at 18-years-old, David became more interested in the 1700s and the American Revolution.

Bourhenne reenacts with Helayar's Company, 7th Regiment of Foot, Royal Fuziliers (Fusiliers), and loves every waking minute of it; he's engulfed from start to finish on reenacting weekends. "I enjoy portraying a private soldier because we tend to give too much light to the leaders and commanders of armies. Their positions aren't less important, but the private soldier fought the battles, and their stories are much more fascinating to me," Bourhenne beamed.

On historical preservation and taking part in this project, David said, "Historic preservation is important to me because it would be a terrible thing if we forgot where we came from. Our heritage is important, and if we forget our past, we will forget all of the sacrifices and mistakes that our forefathers made."

The Anchors team is honored to be working with David Bourhenne, and heading back in time with such a professional. For more information on David’s story or to preserve your own history, please call or email the company.
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