Computer with Many Unique/Original Features is Trying to Reach the Crowd to Make Production Possible

Entropy is a modern intelligent design made after years of extensive research; Designed to be the most balanced Small_Form_Factor desktop computer on the market.

Houten, Netherlands, November 26, 2016 --( BottleNext® introduces Entropy™ live on until 31 December 2016 - a revolutionary computer case that took inspiration from many designs and added its own unique features and the result is the most sophisticated case out there.

Unique features that no other case had before Entropy

-The cables disappear into the bottom compartment where they connect to the computers I/O.
-Adjustable air intake and outtake to fit the cooling needs or sound reduction desired by the user.
-The power button is hidden and the surfaces 99% smooth.

Usually it is challenging to build a computer in a small case with the narrow spaces obstructing your hands.
-With the 94% open frame and practical one piece outer-shell its exceptionally easy to install or upgrade hardware.

--Importance of the project.
Small, high-quality desktops are difficult to come by. The reason is simple: people think that convenient sizes and impressive performances are mutually exclusive. Somehow it is has seeped into our collective consciousness this idea that if something is small, it must necessarily have some shortcomings. The truth, however, is much more complicated. As exemplified by Entropy, convenience and function can go hand in hand.

The initial size came so close to A4 paper size that it was adopted as a guide line.
A4 paper can thus be used to get an idea what size Entropy has without being present.

--Functional shape.
The shape allows the case to have a very small foot-print. If you would put the same components in a squared box it would either use more desk space or topple over. Round and bent metal becomes stronger then straight and square because physical stress applied will be spread out over the curve. The cylindrical design requires less metal to be made thanks to π(Pi).

Made out of thick steel and powder-coating making it extremely though and fit to protect its hardware and data inside from external factors.

Entropy is lightweight; 2500 gram or 5,5 lbs
When we decide to make it with aluminium this would only be third of that.

--Less parts.
It is made out of only 7 parts of which the three pillars are identical.
When it is finished there are only 3 parts: Frame, Shell and Lid.

The unique three level system; Top to bottom: cooling, computer and cables; allows users to install processors with up to 160W TDP with water cooling and a graphic card up to 250W TDP. The 140mm case-fan keeps everything cool.

Builders will have to decide how much total system TDP he or she needs because the fans have to spin faster and will make more noise to keep up in extreme systems at high loads. With the help of our community we will work on guidelines for what fan speeds and top lid standoff-height will be. Experimenting and sharing results is also a part of the BottleNext experience.

Skeptics worry that Entropy will get too hot, and that this will shorten the lifespan of the components. This is simply not true when you use INTEL or NVIDIA products. Those are protected by thermal limits that will keep them under 80°C. Temperatures need to be far over 85°C before the electronics actually would start to deteriorate.

To stop overheating they just slow down the PC a little speed, this called throttling.

Throttling is not desired since you want maximum performance. That's why you can use a better fan and/or raise the top lid a little to get better cooling.
Rapid changes in temperature can also hurt electronics. Entropy is so compact the temperatures will rise and decrease at a slower rate then in a regular case.

For quiet PC lovers throttling is the sweet spot, the BottleNext. This is where you get the most performance at the lowest noise possible.

When the CPU is water cooled it will never throttle.
The graphics card is the only part that can throttle. This does no longer give a stutter since GPU's lower their clock speeds.

--Entropy is great for:
Professional: workstations and servers. Video editing and rendering.
Home: gaming rigs, ultra silent systems, living room media center or media server.

--Pricing & Availability
Entropy starts with Black and White and the consumer price is 149€ + shipping
Unlimited worldwide delivery will start in the end of February 2017 if the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

--Made in The Netherlands.
Entropy has a sophisticated and minimalistic design that so needs few work hours to produce; it can actually be made in high wage countries at a market competitive price; with all the ethical and environmental standards of a modern country.

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