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Barrie, ON-based insurance company, BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. are now offering a comprehensive careless driving insurance service. The company’s service is specifically designed for those that are considered high risk within the insurance marketplace, and will place the full weight of the company’s resources behind the driver as they seek an affordable coverage product.

Barrie, Canada, November 26, 2016 --( By learning more on the driving insurance marketplace and working with a respected broker, those that have been considered high risk within the industry can consolidate their coverage costs significantly. It’s not always easy to find affordable options once they’ve been labeled high risk, but drivers can lower their costs over the coming years by working with trusted industry leaders such as BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. BeWiser Insurance Brokers are now offering a high value careless driving insurance service for high risk drivers.

As part of the company’s careless driving insurance services, they will work directly with clients in supporting their communications with insurance companies. They serve clients across Ontario to help them find cost-effective quotes within a quick timeframe. This ensures the client has all the information they need to make an effective choice about their coverage requirements. Because BeWiser Insurance Brokers has worked for many years within the Canadian insurance marketplace, they’ve developed a comprehensive network of partners to help them in supporting their clientele.

The BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. network includes some of the leading names within the industry and is continually updated to include the latest insurance companies offering low market rates for high risk drivers. Another advantage to the company’s service is their qualified experts are available on short notice to consult with clients. They can answer all questions from drivers on their insurance requirements and find effective coverage solutions based on the latest industry data.

It’s the trusted service for buyers seeking out low cost careless driving insurance coverage. BeWiser Insurance Brokers, Inc. continues to offer professional insurance guidance to all drivers across Ontario. To learn more on BeWiser Insurance Brokers Inc. and their coverage options, please contact their team today at 1-844-239-4737 or visit their business website directly at
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