Petboro Opens Private Off-Leash Dog Park in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Petboro opened India's first Private Off-leash dog park with agility equipment in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India. Dog parents can take their pooches to play, socialise, exercise and have fun. The dog park is a perfect place for paw parties and field trips.

Bangalore, India, December 01, 2016 --( Dogs need exercise on a routine basis in order to stay fit, healthy and active. The lack of physical activities and socialization are the main causes for many behavioral and health issues in pet dogs. There aren’t many parks dedicated solely to dogs in India, so pet owners in Bengaluru don’t have many options when it comes to taking their four-legged friends out. However, with the opening of a new dog park in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India, that is all about to change.

A few days ago, on 27, November 2016, at 7:00 AM, the doors to this dog park opened up to the general public. The dog park can be found in the Whitefield area of Bengaluru and it is 16,000 square feet. It offers everything dogs need in order to keep them happy and healthy.

This is a completely fenced-in park that features jump hoops, walk ramps, stepping paws, doggie crawl, weave posts, a doggie see-saw, and even a nice resting table where the dog can go in order to rest.

With the increased level of socialization and physical activities, health and behavioral issues in pet dogs can be reduced. This dog park has been designed for dogs of all shapes and sizes and is the perfect opportunity for individuals to take their dogs out and maybe even learn some new tricks.

The cost to go to this dog park is only Rs 200 for an hour of play time session, and the small amount of money that is spent is well worth it. There is a maximum capacity for each playtime session in order to keep the park from overcrowding. The maximum capacity is 15 dogs per session, so pet owners can rest with the satisfaction of knowing there will be plenty of space to play.

Individuals that are interested in visiting this dog park with their furry friend can go to in order to book a time slot online. Also, there’s a limited number of annual memberships available at a discount price for those dog owners that are serious about their canine’s health and would like to attend the park on a routine basis.

The Petboro Dog Park will have its doors open every day, including weekends.

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