Veteran Game Makers and Fans Talk on the Phone with Callvention

New Start-Up Enables 1-On-1 Phone Calls with Developers, Bringing Fans Closer to Their Favorite Video Games

Los Angeles, CA, December 08, 2016 --( Launching today, Callvention brings game conventions to the home, enabling video game fans to talk directly with the makers of their favorite video games. Fans can make 1-on-1 phone calls with game makers using Callvention’s premium phone platform.

On the Callvention website, game fans can browse a directory of video games to find a game maker to speak with. Callvention’s speaker roster includes makers of popular game series like Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty, as well classic game series like Ultima, Wing Commander and Sonic the Hedgehog.

“If you love a video game, it’s not enough to just get an autograph or a handshake from a game maker,” says Bryan Cashman, founder of Callvention. “If I play fifty hours of a video game, I want to have a conversation with the game maker and really understand what went into making the game.”

Callvention is a new service for passionate video game fans that seek to learn everything about a game they love. With Callvention, fans can ask a game maker questions about design decisions or development hurdles. They can also hear first-hand stories about a game that changed their lives, from someone who helped make it. Conversations occur live on the telephone, at a time scheduled for the fan and game maker’s convenience.

To learn more about Callvention and to browse available speakers, please visit

About Callvention, Inc.

Callvention, Inc. is dedicated to connecting fans with the makers of their favorite media over the phone. Using a proprietary dialing platform, fans can pre-pay for call time with a maker of a favorite video game, and Callvention will connect a game maker with a fan for a pre-scheduled call time. Callvention is founded by Bryan Cashman, a video game industry veteran with experience as a management consultant and research manager.


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