Revitalizing Printing Services in Connecticut with Donna Petruska

Many businesses see print marketing as a dying industry. Not only does Donna Petruska procure unique, cost-effective and quality print materials but has a track record of case-studies that have tangible and proven results. Print is not dead, when executed properly, it thrives.

Hartford, CT, December 11, 2016 --( In a world now driven by digital technology, printed business assets are seen as antiquated. That thought process needs to be revisited.

Backed by Curtis 1000, Donna Petruska is exhibiting the power of print. Direct mail, promotional items, packaging and even bridging the gap between print materials and digital fulfillment with web based technology that allows users to replenish and customize print materials on the fly.

Most recently Donna has launched a new website to feed the curiosity of those who are interested in learning more about the array of print services Curtis 1000 has to offer and more importantly, the hands-on approach that each and every client gets with Donna.

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